The Best of DIY Metallic Home Decor

If you want to spice up the everyday elements in your home, the metallic color palette should be your first choice! It has the ability to bring sophistication and elegance into the space and you’d be surprised by how much a little glimmering can change within a room! The shiny touch is just the thing that will make any room feel warm and pleasant! Take a look at the best of DIY metallic home decor down below!

Metallic Mirror

Mirror mirror on the wall, who has the most stylish vanity of them all? You could! A simple metallic upgrade of a regular mirror can drastically change your makeup corner or a bathroom! Follow the tutorial by Jasmine Diane and take your mirror from basic to breathtaking!

Metallic Fan

Something as simple as a fan can easily blend into the background of your home and not really stand out. But why should any element be forgotten? The best way to make a plain fan stand out is to paint it with a metallic spray paint, as shown by Delineate Your Dwelling!

Gold Fridge Letters

Fridge magnets are known for their colorfulness and playful charm, often associated with cute messages our kids create for us! If you feel like the palette of various colors simply isn’t sitting well with your kitchen interior, Inspired by Charm offers a metallic alternative!

Metallic Geometric Sculpture

We have a soft spot for unique decor pieces! Can you relate? Just look at this incredible metallic geometric sculpture by Ash and Crafts! There is something so graceful about it and if we had to guess, we’d say it’s the gold metallic paint!

Metallic Bookcase

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a stylish bookcase inspired by biggest home decor magazines – you can easily work with the bookcase you already have (or one you get a flea market) and transform it with just a hint of metallic magic and instructions by Dwellings by DeVore!

Metallic Lamp

This metallic lamp needs to be in your bedroom! It’s so charming and luxurious, a truly special piece that has the potential to one day, many years from now, become your favorite vintage piece of all! When you’re telling your great-grandkids the story of how you made it, don’t forget to mention Dream a Little Bigger‘s name!

Metallic Wall Hooks

Wall hooks are an essential part of every home because if we are truly honest with ourselves, we always have something to hang! Whether it’s a jacket, a scarf or a piece of jewelry, it deserves to be hung on a chic hook. Try out metallic wall hooks with this tutorial by Tuts+!

Metallic Striped Vases

Are you stuck with plain glass vases and want to give them a modern look? Monica Wants Ithas a wonderful idea that is one of those life hacks you’ll want to hold on to! If you need to upgrade the vases in a quick and easy way, a metallic tape is your best friend.

Metallic Mason Jars

We can’t skip mason jars on this one! Paint them to a gold metallic color and the world shall be your oyster! You can use them to display flowers, hold your pencils or arrange them into a centerpiece for your dinner table! The journey begins at It All Started With Paint!

Gold Decorative Pumpkins

Can we obsess over pumpkins all year long? These shiny metallic pumpkins we found at Minted are an incredible decor piece that will always come in handy! Whether you’re hosting an elegant Halloween party or just want to spice up the house any time of the year, they are an excellent choice!

Metallic Moon Pendant

A bohemian room deserves a wall piece that will reflect the freedom and uniqueness of the boho philosophy! Mr. Kate shares a tutorial for a beautiful metallic moon pendant that fits right into a room with serene energy and other dynamic metallic pieces!

Metallic Glass Containers

Give your glass containers a timeless look with a metallic upgrade! Sometimes the most common elements that no one deems special can become the most monumental pieces of our home. These metallic glass containers by From Evija with Love have a really good potential!

Metallic Canvas Art

If you think all of your household pieces are exactly as they need to be and don’t feel called to upgrade any of them but still yearn for metallic goodness in your home, Southern Couturehas just the project you want! You can make a fabulous metallic wall art and so assure that your home has at least one unexpected metallic piece!