Baby powder isn’t just for babies. Mom shares 12 practical ways to use it in everyday life

Baby powder isn’t just for soothing baby’s butts. There are a number of beauty applications and home uses for baby powder. These are some reasons your house should be stocked with baby powder whether you have a baby or not.

Freshen Your Shoes

Take the dampness and stinky-ness out of your shoes by pouring some baby powder inside of them.

Source: Wikihow

Soothe Before You Wax

Rub some baby powder above your upper lip before you wax it to reduce pain and irritation

Source: xoJane

Dry Shampoo

Mix together 1/4 cup of baby powder and the same amount of baking soda and massage it into your hair. Let it soak a few minutes before brushing it through. This will prevent your hair from becoming greasy in between shampoos.

Source: Life at Clover Hill

Remove Grease Stain

Baby powder will also suck out the grease from your clothing when you get a stain. Here‘s how to properly use baby powder to remove a grease stain.

Source: Snap Guide

Fix a Squeaky Floor

Sprinkle baby powder in between floorboards to prevent them from squeaking.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

Ant Repellant

Pour baby powder into places where you want to prevent ants. They won’t be able to cross the barrier.

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Protect Flowers From Rot

Sprinkling baby powder over your bulbs and roots before you plant them will prevent them from rotting and will deter pests.

Source: Viral Nova

Untangle Jewelry

Baby powder will lubricate jewelry and make it easier to untangle.

Source: Organized Chaos Online

Slip on Rubber Gloves

Dust your hands with some baby powder before putting on rubber gloves. This will help them slip on easier.

Source: Tip Snips

Remove Sand

Use baby powder to loosen sand from your body.

Source: BuzzFeed

Freshen Your Deck of Cards

Card decks can get pretty dingy. Rub some baby powder on the deck to freshen it up.

Source: Pinterest

Freshen Your Sheets

Sprinkle some baby powder in between your sheets to prevent them from getting soaked in sweat in the summer.

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