Superstar Home Decor: 12 DIY Marquee Lights

You don’t have to move to Hollywood to live under the big bright lights. The magic and glamour of marquee lights can easily be created within your own living space, with a couple of DIY tricks that we still have hidden up our sleeve! Are you ready to light up your home in a true […]

The Hottest Modern Trend: DIY Knot Pillows

It’s always fun when a certain trend takes over the Pinterest boards and home decor magazines. This is what is currently happening with ultra-modern knot pillows. As an ultimate focal point, the knot pillow has much power over the room. It brings playfulness and trendiness into the space and even though it doesn’t look anything […]

Rain Gutter Bookshelves

For those of you who tuned in to the Hometalk Facebook Live Segment on mine and Rob’s house a few weeks ago, you may remember someone tuning in and suggesting I do a rain gutter bookshelf project. You may also remember Miriam relaying a shout out from an audience member named Alex, telling me that, […]

Kitchen Trivet on a Baking Sheet

I haven’t posted in a really long time. Life sort of crashed down on me and sucked the energy and enthusiasm that I had for crafts right out of me. I’m mostly better, and I’m trying to rediscover my joy in creating stained glass mosaics. This is my first piece since that time. Sometimes the […]

10 Minute Finger Pin Cushion

These cute little pin cushions are incredibly handy and make perfect gifts hers day or any day! ***VIEW TWO MORE VERSIONS HERE*** SUPPLIES Lid from plastic soda bottles., Large Pom Pom (mine were at least 1 3/8 in diameter.), 3/8 Elastic strip about. 3 in length., Hot Glue Gun, Extras: Ribbon, Ric Rac, jewels, buttons […]

Magazine Holder Flower Planter

Many months ago, we found this magazine holder at the thrift store with a kinda, sorta plan but it ended up sitting in the basement collecting dust. I decided it would make a great flower planter this Spring. I originally planned to line the inside with plastic and using real dirt and flowers but my […]

Master Bedroom Reveal!

It is finally time for our Master Bedroom Reveal! This room has been by far the most challenging room to date. We had numerous setbacks and there were times I wanted to pull my hair out but it all came together in the end. If you have been following our journey you know that we […]