15 Brilliant Tricks That Make Your Life More Comfortable

Thinking outside the box can significantly help to make your life a whole lot simpler, helping you to solve many irritating problems and get on with what you really enjoy. Here are 15 little tricks which we’re certain will be useful to absolutely everyone. 1. If you hang a tennis ball from the ceiling down to the level of your car’s wind shield, it will help you […]

15 Ways How To Wear A Scarf

Scarves are for winter, right? Not any more! You can easily turn your scarves into stylish fashion tops. Let us look at 15 ways of how to wear a scarf. With these creative ways to wear a scarf, scarves become year-around necessities. Scroll down for video for more ways to wear a scarf.

How to make a footprint keepsake

Handprint and footprint keepsakes are a great way to keep those memorable life events. It is such a wonderful idea to show your grownup kids their little hands and feet prints when they come home for your family reunion. Not only that it is such an fun project to make too. Continue reading step by […]

10 Amazing Cleaning Tips

It is time for me to get some Spring Cleaning done around here! I am sharing today 10 Cleaning Tips and Tricks that will change your life. These are amazing ways to clean your home with things that you may have around. Pure awesomeness! Let me show you…   1 Clean Your Air Conditioner Unit yourself. Save money and increase your system’s […]

12 DIY Awesome Garden Art Ideas …

The 20 DIY Awesome Garden Art Ideas we provide you with are an inspiration to work on making your property the best looking one in the neighborhood. And your creativity is put to the test here: you will have the opportunity to recycle, reuse and impress with all of your gardening skills. You can opt […]