DIY Ladder Shelf

This ladder shelf is super trendy and gives a way for you to show off your decor pieces that are just spread throughout the whole house. The best part apart it, you don’t have have to spend a fortune. The wood was about $20 total (excluding the nails, hinges, etc)!

Time: 3 Hours Cost: $25-30 Difficulty: Medium

If you happen to be like me and would rather watch a video than read, you’re most likely going to watch that video above! Or you know, you could read the step-by-step article down below if you need to look at it longer. You can decide 🙂
To begin making this ladder shelf, you will need to go to a hardware store and buy 4) 6 feet and 2) 4 feet. All of these are in 2 by 4s. You will also need 2 sheets of plywood that are 2 feet by 4 feet long.
>diy ladder shelf, shelving ideas

Start by sanding each wood piece with a sander. Remember to get the front and back along with the sides. Then it’s time to apply the stain onto the wood. I’m using Danish Oil in the Medium Walnut color. Also use this to cover the 2 by 4 sheets as well.
diy ladder shelf, shelving ideas

Now it’s time to cut the 4 foot lengths to use as the ladder steps. I cut each piece to 1 foot and at the end you should have a total of 8. Also as you go along with this, remember to go over each end that was just cut with some stain.
diy ladder shelf, shelving ideas

Next you will need 2 of these 6-inch gate hinges. Take 2 of the 6 foot lengths, and align them into a long line. In the middle, where they touch, attach the hinge with screws. When you are done you can then fold the 2 pieces on top of each other. These are the legs of the ladder. Go ahead now and repeat this step to the last two pieces.
diy ladder shelf, shelving ideas

Next lay the two legs side by side to each other on the ground. Space them out evenly so that there is exactly 10.5 inches in-between them from the top to the bottom. Place the first step 16 inches up from the bottom. And measure the same height to on the other leg to ensure they are level and then screw them in. And then from there on I just kept screwing in each step about 11 inches in-between each other. And then I flipped it to the back and repeated this whole thing again.
diy ladder shelf, shelving ideas

Now its time to cut the shelves. Take one of the 2 by 4 sheet and and make a cut that is 4 feet by 10 inches. And then cut another that is 3 feet, 2 feet, and lastly, a foot. The width of of all of these with be 10 inches as well.
diy ladder shelf, shelving ideas

Then pull the ladder apart so that there is 3 feet in between each side and then push in the shelf from biggest to smallest. Measure each side of the shelf that is hanging off to ensure that it is centered. Then drill in two screws through the shelf into the step and finally do this on the other side as well. And now you’re finished!

  • diy ladder shelf, shelving ideas
  • diy ladder shelf, shelving ideas

Materials I used for this project:

  • 4) 6 ft of 2 by 4s   (Home Depot)
  • 2) 4 ft of 2 by 4s   (Home Depot)
  • 2) 2 ft by 4ft plywood   (Home Depot)
  • Danish Oil – Medium Walnut   (Home Depot)
  • 2) 6 inch gate hinges   (Home Depot)
  • 2.5 inch screws   (Home Depot)

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Here’s The Reason Why Your Earring Backs Smell Like Stinky Cheese

If you have pierced ears, you are probably familiar with stinky phenomenon that some people call ‘ear cheese.’

If you aren’t familiar with the term, you might recognize the description: icky, brownish-gray gunk that builds up on your earring posts and backs, especially the kind with the clear plastic bit over the backing.

It has a distinctive funky odor, hence the gross nickname ‘ear cheese.’

We have to admit, it might not whet your appetite, but it’s definitely a fitting nickname for the gunk.

And it’s a problem that affects the vast majority of women; 83 percent of all Americans have at least one lobe pierced, and 72 percent of all pierced folks are women.

Lots of us get ear piercings as babies or young children, so that means that piercing care is practically a life-long issue that we all need to know more about.

Even though it’s a widespread problem, it’s kind of an embarrassing one to talk about.

That’s why we’re here to help! Scroll through below for all of your question about ear cheese, answered.

What Is “Ear Cheese?”

<u>What Is "Ear Cheese?"</u>

Wikimedia Commons
So, what exactly is ear cheese? To be honest, you probably aren’t going to like the answer.

It’s a build up of dead skin cells, sebum (oil), and any hair and beauty products that land in your lobe area.

It builds up into a greenish-brownish-grayish paste, and starts to get stinky as bacteria builds up, giving it its distinctive cheesy whiff.

Why Do We Get Ear Cheese?

<u>Why Do We Get Ear Cheese?</u>

Laura Caseley for LittleThings
Ear cheese is a totally natural part of having pierced ears.

It builds up for the same reason that any kind of dead skin builds up; your body needs to replace skin cells constantly, and some get left behind.

You get greasy skin and clogged pores when you don’t exfoliate your face, and dry cracked heels when you don’t exfoliate your feet.

The same thing happens with your ears, it just combines with the grease from your scalp and ears, and it’s a bit harder to clean, so it builds up.

Who Is At Risk For Ear Cheese?

<u>Who Is At Risk For Ear Cheese?</u>

Laura Caseley for LittleThings
Almost everyone with a piercing will get ear cheese at one time or another, but some people are at higher risk.

If you have newish piercing that have just recently healed, you might be at higher risk, because your body may still be reacting to the new wound by producing extra skin cells.

You might also be at higher risk if you have earrings that you never take out, or if you are older, and your ear piercings are starting to stretch a bit.


How To Get Rid Of Ear Cheese
Remedy #1: Take Out Your Piercing

<u>How To Get Rid Of Ear Cheese</u><br>Remedy #1: Take Out Your Piercing

Laura Caseley for LittleThings
If you have ear cheese, the first thing you should do is remove the earring to let your ear breathe a bit.

If you’ve had the same earrings on for weeks on end, they probably need some air circulation to freshen things up.

Please note, if you just got your ears pierced, don’t remove your earrings until you talk with your piercer.

Chances are, you don’t have ear cheese, you just need to disinfect the new openings.

Remedy #2: Clean It

Remedy #2: Clean It

Laura Caseley for LittleThings
Once your ears are free of metal, it’s time to give them a deep clean.

Start with a gentle soap and a soft wash cloth. Scrub your ears front and back and exfoliate away all the dead skin.

If your ears are irritated, you may want to dab on some antibacterial ointment. You should also consider a light moisturizer to help your lobes recover from their spa treatment.

Remedy #3: Wash Or Swap Your Jewelry

Remedy #3: Wash Or Swap Your Jewelry

Laura Caseley for LittleThings
Let your lobes breathe for a little bit, and give your jewelry a good wash.

If you want to put the same earrings back, clean them thoroughly and dry them. Alternatively, swap them out for a clean pair of earrings.

You should clean all earrings after you wear them. You can use mild soap or dishwashing liquid and a soft cloth to clean metal, but be careful not to get it on soft gems like opal, pearl, or turquoise.


Remedy #4: Don’t Overwash

Remedy #4: Don’t Overwash

Laura Caseley for LittleThings
Once you’ve cleaned your ears, be carefully not to scrub them too much!

Exfoliating is a fine art. You want to keep the piercings clean, but you don’t want to damage the skin.

If you scrub your ears too often, they might get raw, which can open the door to infection.

Remedy #5: Keep It Clean

Remedy #5: Keep It Clean

Laura Caseley for LittleThings
To minimize ear cheese going forward, just make sure to keep the environment around your ears healthy and clean.

Change your bed sheets and pillowcases often to help avoid sebum build-up, and make sure to wash your hair regularly and rinse any products off your lobes.

And change or clean your earrings regularly to keep everything stink-free!+


Amazing Remedies for Edema: Swollen Feet, Swollen Ankles, Swollen Hands and the Rest of You

If you are someone who puffs up with water retention in the warm weather, the prospect of cooler days might be a relief (although damp, heavy weather can make you swell up, too). Or you may be someone whose calves, ankles and feet are often a little “cushiony” with water retention despite the weather. They may be so cushiony that they dimple when you press into them. That kind of swelling can be painful, too—and it can be a sign of a serious health problem, even a medical emergency. But for most people who deal with limb swelling—men and women alike—it is simply a recurring nuisance that a doctor may or may not be able to diagnose. Here are some surefire remedies to soothe the swelling…and also advice for when limb swelling might be life-threatening…


Swelling caused by fluid buildup is called edema (pronounced “ih-dee-mah”). When it affects only your arms, legs, hands and feet, it is called peripheral edema. We retain water because blood vessels in our arms, legs, hands and feet expand, or dilate. This dilation can be caused by hot or humid weather or a number of other causes. The dilation makes it easier for fluid to leak out of blood vessels into surrounding tissue, causing the tissue to swell. Sitting or standing in one position for a long time without moving makes the swelling worse because gravity just pulls all that fluid down to pool in your hands, legs and feet.


Besides weather-related effects on blood vessels, the reason why some people swell can’t always be figured out, but common disease-related causes of swelling are kidney disease and cardiovascular disease. Whether a doctor can or cannot pinpoint the cause of peripheral edema, he or she too often prescribes a diuretic and suggests that you cut back on salt.

Although cutting back on salt may be great advice, taking a diuretic may not be a good idea unless the swelling is related to high blood pressure or high blood pressure medication. But there are safe, natural ways to relieve swelling…

Leg elevation. Keep your legs elevated while sitting for prolonged periods. Put a comfy, compact ottoman under your desk…or put your legs up and rest your feet on a chair. When lying down, prop your feet up on a few pillows. Don’t just put up with swelling. If it happens often, it can cause your skin and tissue to stretch and change and can lead to more serious and lasting edema.

Walking breaks. If you really can’t plop your feet up where you regularly spend time—such as in an office or another “noncasual” setting—then make a point of getting up from the chair and taking five-minute walking breaks every hour or so. This increases circulation and gets your lymphatic system to pump out excess fluid.

Compression stockings. If you need to stand for a long time during the day, wear support hose or compression knee-highs or stockings. These help blood circulation between your feet and your heart—with one benefit being more spring in your step. In fact, athletes often use compression stockings to enhance their performance. Compression stockings come in many styles and colors, price ranges (from about $10 to $100), sizes and pressures. So, when buying compression stockings online, you will need to find sellers that provide guidance on sizing and compression needs. For instance, Bright Life Direct carries all the major brands and has easy-to-follow guidance and FAQs to figure out what size and kind of compression stocking is right for you—and right for your budget.

Massage your hands. Swollen hands? To enhance circulation and lymphatic drainage, apply lotion to your hands and massage one hand and then the other, starting with the fingertips and moving down the hand to the wrist. Also exercise the hands by holding them at chest level and clenching and unclenching them. To do this effectively, gently make a fist and then open your fist and spread your fingers. Massage and exercise your hands several times a day when edema is acting up.


There are other factors that can cause edema…and they can be life-threatening. Besides cardiovascular disease and kidney disease, the American Academy of Family Physicians listed other causes in a recent article by and for doctors. These include liver disease, sleep apnea, allergies, use of certain medications (such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, antihypertensives, corticosteroids, antidepressants, diabetes medications, hormone replacement therapy) and chemotherapy. Edema also can be caused by surgical removal or malfunction of the lymph nodes. As part of the lymphatic system, lymph nodes filter fluid and cleanse the body of bacteria, viruses and other debris.

What’s the danger of unchecked edema? Besides the fact that you might have a serious underlying condition needing treatment, all that swelling and stretching of the skin can cause a flaky, eczema-like appearance and even skin ulcers. Ulcers, in turn, can lead to serious skin infections, such as cellulitis, where the infection bores through the skin and into underlying tissue. And you probably also know that chronic swollen legs and feet can put you at risk for blood clots that can lodge in a leg or travel up to the lungs, heart, brain or another part of your body. This is called thromboembolism (or stroke when it hits your brain)—and, just like a stroke, it can kill you.


If you are having symptoms such as shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat or pain and heat in a limb, be sure to get to a doctor or even an emergency room right away. You could be experiencing thromboembolism. The symptoms may be accompanied by chest pain, fever or intense anxiety (a feeling of doom). Once treated for a thromboembolic attack, you may be put on a medication to prevent future blood clots and be instructed to wear compression stockings.

For all these reasons, if you have chronic edema—even if you can get relief from the self-treatments described above—it’s a good idea to get it checked out by a doctor. In addition to the suggestions listed above, additional steps a doctor might take if you have severe chronic edema include…

Checking for clots. Even if you are not having a thromboembolic emergency, your doctor may order an ultrasound of the swollen limb to see whether clots have formed. If so, he or she will likely put you on a blood-thinning drug to prevent a thromboembolic event.

Prescribing pneumatic compression. If swelling is severe and related to surgical removal or malfunction of lymph nodes, you might be instructed in the use of a pneumatic compression device, an inflatable garment resembling a boot, sock or sleeve that does the work of a compression stocking but with greater intensity.

Recommended drug physiotherapy. You also may be referred to a physiotherapist for massage and movement therapy and specialized compression techniques that involve use of bandage wrappings.

So do not endure swollen limbs simply because it’s something that you’ve put up with for years. Keeping the swelling in check and getting a handle on the underlying cause, when possible, can save you from major health woes down the line.

Source: Study titled “Edema: Diagnosis and Management” by researchers at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Philadelphia, and colleagues, published in American Family Physician.

7 Alarming Signs That You Have A Toxic Friend Who Is Draining You Emotionally

Best friends are supposed to support you when you’re down, celebrate your successes, and be there through all the challenges and joys life has to bring.

Most of us feel like we would be nowhere without our friends — they’re the ones who throw us surprise birthday parties, the ones with whom we reminisce about old times, and the ones that recreate photos with us throughout the years.

Many friendships have their ups and downs, but in the end, we’re glad to have the other person by our side.

What happens when a friendship gets a little beyond rocky, though?

If you find yourself dreading your time together, wishing you could be anywhere else, or coming up with excuses for why you can’t hang out, you might be in a toxic friendship.

Unfortunately, even wonderful people can end up being toxic friends. It’s important to know the signs of a toxic friendship so you can remedy the situation.

Thumbnail Photo: Pexels / Alexander Dummer

What Is A Toxic Friendship?

what is a toxic friendship

Laura Caseley for LittleThings
A toxic friendship may be different in every relationship, but generally, a toxic friendship is one-sided or abusive.

These kinds of friendships can cause physical symptoms of stress, like higher blood pressure, depression, and anxiety.

Toxic friendships are draining, both physically and emotionally, but how do you know if you’re in one of these relationships? Read on to find out seven signs of toxic friendships.

Signs Of A Toxic Friendship
Sign #1: It’s Always About Her

toxic friendship sign 1

Laura Caseley for LittleThings
One definite sign of a toxic friendship is if it’s always about her — she talks, you listen.

Think about this scenario: she calls you to complain about her day, but as soon as you start to talk about what’s going on in your own life, she suddenly has to go. Does that sound familiar?

If you’re always the listener and she’s always the talker, you’re going to end up feeling like you can’t talk to her about the problems in your own life.

Sign #2: She Compares You To Her Other Friends

toxic friendship sign 2

Laura Caseley for LittleThings

When you’re hanging out, does she constantly talk about how her other friends would do things or how her other friends are better than you?

If she’s constantly comparing you to her other friends, you’ll eventually feel like you’re not living up to her standards. Chances are, even if you try to change a particular behavior for her, you still won’t feel “good enough.”


Sign #3: She’s A Little Too “Honest”

toxic friendship sign 3

Laura Caseley for LittleThings
Does your friend tell you she’s just “being honest” when she tells you what she really thinks about your clothes, your looks, or your partner?

She might try to pass it off as “honesty,” but what she’s really doing is giving herself a pass for insulting you.

Sign #4: Spending Time Together Stresses You Out

toxic friendship sign 4

Laura Caseley for LittleThings
When you do spend time together, are you always trying to find a way to politely leave? Do you feel stressed out when you’re together?

Hanging out with her is a delicate art, and you have to walk on eggshells because you’re never sure when she might snap and get mad at you.

If you find yourself constantly dreading hanging out with your friend, that’s a pretty good sign that your friendship might be toxic.

Sign #5: She Ignores You For Long Stretches Of Time

toxic friendship sign 5

Laura Caseley for LittleThings
Do you feel like you’re always the one who is trying to set up times to hang out or talk on the phone? Do you feel like she never gets in touch with you until she needs you?

If you’re putting way more effort into the relationship, you’re going to get burnt out pretty quickly.

Friendships are no fun when they’re one-sided, so if you always feel like your friend is ignoring you, it’s not a successful relationship.


Sign #6: She’s Constantly Jealous Of You

toxic friendship sign 6

Laura Caseley for LittleThings
Another sign of a toxic friendship is if your friend always acts jealous of you.

Does your friend always act like your successes are her failures? It’s difficult to deal with this because you end up feeling like you can’t tell her about the good things in your life, since she’ll just compare herself to you and start pouting.

Sign #7: She’s Full Of Negative Energy

toxic friendship sign 7

Laura Caseley for LittleThings
If you have a toxic friend, you might notice that she’s a real Debbie Downer — not just during rough patches, but all the time.

She somehow manages to turn every positive into a negative and is always cynical about her life, your life, and everything.

It might seem like no big deal, but her negative energy will start to rub off on you.

What Can You Do?

toxic friendship fix

Laura Caseley for LittleThings
Fortunately, there are a few things you can do if you think you’re in a toxic friendship.

First, try to talk to her about her behavior and the ways in which it bothers you. Try encouraging her to change in ways that will benefit both of you.

Second, if nothing changes, you might eventually need to “break up” with her. If it’s going to be better for your emotional and mental health, it might be time to distance yourself from the relationship.

7 Useful Microsoft Excel Features To Make Your Job Easier

Microsoft Excel is packed with useful data management features that don’t see a lot of use, like pivot tables, index and match, and conditional formatting. If you’re just using excel to sum and chart columns, this graphic can show you some other tools to help you become the spreadsheet ninja you always wanted to be.

Of course, real spreadsheet ninja probably already use these features on the reg—but let’s say you’re in training and just want to beef up your Microsoft Excel skills. This graphic from the folks at STL won’t show you exactly how to apply each Excel feature to your graphs, but they do show you how things like Waterfall Charts, Goal Seek, and Flash Fill actually work, so you can try them out yourself. The next time you’re working with large quantities of data, give them a try.

Excel Tricks that will Impress Your Boss | STL

Creativity with a Purpose: 10 Unbelievable Ways to Upcycle a Bicycle Wheel

You know that old bike that’s been hiding at the back of your garage for years? Let’s face it – you’re never going to ride it again, because you’ve moved on to newer models. But there’s something about that bike that you just can’t let go of; maybe it’s the memories it awakens or the nostalgic feeling you get every time you look at it. What if there was a way to still hold onto the bike, but give it a new purpose? Take a look at these unbelievable ways to upcycle a bicycle wheel!

1. Bicycle Wheel Wreath

Wreaths are a decoration trend favored by many and perhaps the reason they are so popular lies in the fact that you can truly unleash your creativity when making them and create something totally one-of-a-kind! Check out how Create Craft Love made a wreath by repurposing a bicycle wheel!

2. Bicycle Wheel Clock

If your home is missing a big clock that would help you make sure you always arrive everywhere on time, eHow has a fantastic take on how to upcycle an old bicycle wheel to build a wonderful clock. It’s going to be an amazing addition to your home!

3. Garden Owls

Decorating your garden is a very important project. You want to honor the beauty of nature, but you also want to feature some extraordinary pieces that will make your garden absolutely unique. Better Homes and Gardens has a great tutorial for decorative garden owls that were made from bicycle wheels!

4. Bicycle Wheel Chalkboard Calendar

Keeping your household organized and on top of all the important dates can prove to be quite the challenge when you have children running around the house and a full-time job to keep up with. Thistlewood Farms will show you how to use a bicycle wheel to create an incredible chalkboard calendar that you’ll cherish forever!

5. Bicycle Wheel Chandelier


Chandeliers are absolutely marvelous, but they are also very expensive. Maybe you think you couldn’t possibly make a chandelier with a classic rustic look, but if you give the tutorial by Hometalk a chance, you’ll see how simple it is! You’ll only need to piece apart that old bike of yours and make use of the wheel and chain!

6. Bicycle Wheel Lamps

Many modern homes can pride themselves on innovative lighting solutions. Nowadays it’s not just about providing the room with light anymore; it’s becoming increasingly important that the lamp contributes to the interior as well. Makjosher features a unique project that will totally breathe a new life (and light) into your old bicycle !

7. Bicycle Wheel Display


Keeping pictures and accessories on display is something many of us are enamored with. What’s better than seeing your favorite memories and most precious jewelry pieces every single day! My Salvaged Treasures shares a lovely idea for how a simple bike wheel can become your most wonderful display.

8. Bicycle Wheel Chalkboard Clock

Here’s another innovative concept for how to DIY a proper clock from a bicycle wheel. Instead of spending much time on creating the numerals and attaching them to the clock, you can simply make use of a chalkboard! Visit Thistlewood Farms to learn all about it.

9. Bicycle Wheel Clothesline


Even though the technology has completely taken over our lives, there are still many people who dry their clothes the old fashion way. If you’re on the lookout for a simple and functional clothesline, Borganic will show you how the wheel of your old bicycle can become a part of your laundry routine!

10. Bicycle Wheel Windmill

Are you totally set on having the most exceptional garden in the neighborhood with the intent of being conscious of the renewable energy sources? You need a giant windmill to get you started! According to Instructables it’s ridiculously simple to make and you’ll be serving the environment in more ways than just one!


15 Creative Ways to Upcycle Old Pumps

Even if you appreciate high heeled shoes in terms of the way they look, not everyone actually enjoys wearing heels. Perhaps that’s why there are always so many in thrift stores or sitting at the backs of people’s closets! We might not actually wear all of the shoes we’ve bought or come across, but that doesn’t mean we don’t still have a use for high heels anywhere in our home. Believe it or not, they make awesome tools for upcycling and DIY décor pieces!


Are you also obsessed enough with high heels, whether you wear them or not, that you’ve been intrigued by the idea of crafting with them? Then we have a feeling you’ll find these 15 awesome DIY upcycling ideas for old pumps pretty neat!

1. High heel mini cactus planter

Do you have an old pair of pumps where the heel and platform are still in tact but the straps were broken or didn’t fit properly? Well, you could throw them out, but where’s the fun in that when you could turn them into a craft instead? High Heels Daily shows you how to remove the top of the shoe and turn the bottom, at the deepest part of the sole, into an awesomely kitschy little planter that will look awesome on the side table, mantle, or your dresser.

2. Decoupage comic book heels

Are you hoping to upcycle the heels in a way that will let you keep wearing them, or perhaps even let you wear them even more? Well, here’s a basic technique that you can use with any design but that, in this specific example, comic book lovers will be particularly excited about! Curbed Earth shows you how to use decoupage to do a double upcycling and transform a pair of pumps in a really fun way.

3. High heeled table lamp

Have you always had a penchant for really kitschy décor pieces that other people might find ugly because you find endless charm in their uniqueness? In that case, you might be one of the few people to love this hilarious high heeled table lamp project from Junque Pro! This is really one of those projects that you could get as creative with as you please and make all kinds of variations with. We like the idea of making it with a slightly out of style shoe so the piece looks vintage.

4. Hand painted peacock heels

Here’s a project that artists will be particularly excited about! If you have a steady hand, lots of patience, and a pair of heels that you think you’d wear more if they weren’t so plain, hand painting your shoes is a great idea! Check out how Custom Made added character to these white pumps by painting a peacock across the toes and up the sides.


5. Painted and embellished Dr. Who heels

Are you totally intrigued by the hand painted shoes idea but you’re not sure a peacock is quite your style because, if you’re going to go to the bother of making things and dressing up, you’d rather something that suits your “nerdy chic” style a little more? In that case, we think you’ll feel inspired to recreate or make your own version of these hand painted Dr. Whopumps from Doodle Craft! We totally adore the idea of adding a bow at the toe so it sits where The Doctor’s bowtie would

6. High heel book ends

Perhaps you have a pair of heels that you’re keen on upcycling rather than getting rid of but your crafting time is pretty limited so you need a project that’s very simple to make happen? Well, if you’re also an avid reader, then we think we might have found the project for you! High Heels Daily suggests setting them up as book ends for some extra sassy décor.


7. Western style embellished heeled boots

Classic pumps aren’t the only kinds of heels we’ve found in our closet before that we’ve wanted to upcycle and embellish in order to give them a new lease on life! We definitely went through a heeled boot phase that left us with a few good pieces that we just wanted to add a bit of character to and this tutorial from The Look Factory gave us the inspiration we needed to make it happen. We love that you can add as many feathers, belts, and bits of material you want in this Western inspired style until you’re satisfied.

8. DIY paint and glitter ice cream heels

Are you still enamoured with the idea of painting your own heels but your skills aren’t quite so detailed and you’d rather make something a little more cartoonish and pop art anyways? In that case, we have a feeling you might prefer painting yourself a pair of sparkling ice cream inspired heels instead! Absolute Beauty n’ Bows shows you how to make the shape and add the glitter to get this extra fun effect.


9. DIY glitter heels

Speaking of glitter, have you been scrolling through this list so far just looking for ways to incorporate glitter into your upcycling projects in whichever ways you can because that’s your favourite look? Then why not try a DIY upcycling project that really lets glitter take centre stage? Make Something Mondays helps you create a pair of shoes that sparkle just as much as your personality.

10. Feathered DIY heel centre piece

Are the shoes you have in mind so scuffed and old that you just know you won’t wear them again, but you’re still that fun party girl who hosts dinners and things, so you still think there’s a place for them in your life? In that case, we’d be willing to bet that you’d find this feathered high heel table centre piece design from The Breast Cancer Charities pretty neat indeed! Grab your glue gun and whatever fancy, sparkly trinkets you want to add and get to work!

11. R2-D2 heels

Maybe you like the idea of making yourself some novelty, nerdy chic shoes but you’re not a big painter, even though you’re comfortable doing other type of crafts? In that case, we have a feeling you’ll get a kick (no pun intended) out of these Star Wars inspired R2-D2 pumps from Bit Rebels! They show you how to cut and attach pieces of felt and plastic in the right shapes and place to make the toes of your shoes look just like the little robot.

12. DIY wood and leather sandal heels

Perhaps the bottom of a pair of pumps is still in tact and totally wearable but you’re not very into what the top or actual shoe part looks like anymore? Then try recycling it in a way that you can actually still wear! Instructables suggests and guides you through the process of using leather thongs and straps to make a pair of sandal heels instead. We know this isn’t really the season for them, since it’s finally fall, but you’ll be all set with a new pair of totally unique shoes by summer if you make them now!

13. Pumps with glitter soles

Do you adore the idea of adding glitter to your shoes for a little extra sparkle but you’ve seen countless people in glitter pumps and you’d rather put a unique little spin on yours? Then try glitter the soles of the shoes instead, just like Akki Dokie did here! Their tutorial shows you how to make the glitter stick on the bottom of the shoe in a way that lets a shine peek out in an eye catching way as you walk.

14. Colourful pom pom heeled sandals

Are you still looking for a design that’s actually wearable but a little more unique, and maybe a little more fun and colourful than what you’ve seen so far? In that case, we think you might enjoy this funny little pom pom toe strap idea from Honestly WTF! They show you how to make a collage of differently coloured pom poms all across the toe in a way that’s surprisingly easy but will definitely stay together.

15. Lace-up Louboutin knock offs from heeled boots

Perhaps your favourite kinds of upcycling projects are always the ones where you transform something old into a recreation or something designer in order to save yourself money but still have lovely things? In that case, we have a feeling you’ll be very intrigued by this step by step guide for transforming an old pair of black ankle boots into a pair of cut-out Louboutin inspired sandals, just like Flashing Diaries did here!

Have you upcycled and repurposed your old high heels in other awesomely creative ways that you don’t see on our list? Tell us all about how you did it or link us to pictures of your work in the comments section!


15 Bagel Ideas That Will Make Your Mouth Water

Now that it’s October, we’ve finally gotten back into the swing of things when it comes to early mornings and getting the whole family ready for school and work at once. We find that it takes us a couple weeks to really hit our groove and establish a morning routine that ensures everyone makes it to work on time. One of the things that helps us along the way the most is finding easy breakfast options that are quick to prepare and eat but will still nourish enough that they have the energy to make it through to lunch. In our household, bagels are a quick morning time favorite but eating the exact same thing every morning can get boring; especially for the kids.


Just in case your family loves bagel breakfasts just as much as we do, if not more, here’s a list of 15 of the best, most creative bagel recipes we’ve found so far! We’ve tried these in our homes on a busy morning (some of them are great for other times of day too; bagels are so versatile) and each one went over well. Some of them even got rave reviews!

1. Snowman bagels

Are your kids at that age where they’re willing to try more and more things every day but they’re also still kind of resistant to the idea of eating vegetables? Well, in our house, we find that using veggies to make really fun looking foods actually encourages our kids to eat them, but we still like to keep things simple in the morning. That’s why we loved this funny little bagel snowman breakfast idea from Between Rounds! They show you how to use baby carrots and small cut pieces of black olives to create little snowman faces on a bagel covered in cream cheese.

2. Blueberry dark chocolate bagel

Have you been looking for a breakfast idea that hits the mark somewhere between sweet and healthy because you like to enjoy your breakfast but you still want to get some decent nutritional value? Then we have just the recipe for you, and it’s one that both you and your kids will love! See Want Shop shows you how to make a thin sliced bagel that tastes like blueberries and dark chocolate thanks to blueberry cream cheese, actual blueberries, and real dark chocolate shavings! What’s better than chocolate at breakfast? We love this recipe because it’s so delicious it could be gourmet but it’s still quick and simple to make in the morning as long as you’ve got the ingredients.

3. Strawberry chocolate chip bagel

Does the idea of a chocolate bagel in the morning totally appeal to you (or maybe even more to your kids) but you’re not so sure about the recipe we showed you above because you’ve never been a huge blueberry fan? In that case, perhaps you’d prefer this strawberry version from Boys Ahoy instead! They show you how to make it with strawberry cream cheese, strawberry slices, and milk chocolate chips instead of dark chocolate savings for a sweeter taste.

4. Marbled cookies n’ cream bagel

Okay, we admit it; this particular bagel recipes is totally not a breakfast food, except for maybe on someone’s birthday when you want to make them a special treat. It is an awesome bagel recipe, however, so we just couldn’t bear to leave it off our list! Peoplesuggests taking a fresh marbled chocolate bagel and making a delicious cookies n’ cream icing mixture, topping the whole thing off by sneaking some full Oreo cookies inside.


5. Buffalo chicken bagel bites

Have you ever seen those store bought bagel bites that are always advertise on after school specials and you’re supposed to make them in the microwave? We love that idea in theory, but we find that they always end up kind of soggy in practice. That’s why we’d rather make our own! Personally, we’d serve these more as an after school snack rather than a quick breakfast food, but we won’t tell you what to do. Check out the different topping options you can make these with on 24/7 Modern Mom.

6. Stuffing made with everything bagels

Have you tried to make stuffing just like your mom’s old family recipe before and found that it ended up kind of bland? Perhaps you’re actually really good at stuffing but you’re pressed for time this Thanksgiving and you’re not sure you’ll have time to make the whole traditional recipe. In either case, making your stuffing with everything bagels is a great idea! DIY Network shows you how to use the “everything” flavour to your advantage in this delicious stuffing dish.


7. Homemade pesto pizza bagels

Were you intrigued by the bagel bites idea but you’d rather eat a full sized version because you think it all just sounds that delicious, and you also think the basic concept could use a little more flavour? In that case, we have a feeling you might prefer this pesto version from New York Family! Top it off with a little bit of fresh basil and it’s amazing how gourmet such a simple thing can taste!

8. Smashed avocado and egg bagel

We know we said that this post was mostly about breakfast items, and we also know that we got a little bit distracted there for a moment, but it’s time to get back to the morning time foods! Possibly our favourite bagel recipe on the entire list is this quite simple avocado and fried egg idea from Well Plated. This one’s the kind of recipe where, once we’d read about the concept, we didn’t necessarily need to follow an actual recipe anymore but when we first read about it, we said “how didn’t we think of this before”? We’re certainly glad we know about it now!


9. Bagel fruit pizza

Are you in the kind of family that has always really loved having fruit for breakfast because it’s so fresh and delicious but you’re concerned that a simple fruit salad won’t really fill your kids up as much as they need for the whole morning? Then a fruit topped bagel is the perfect compromise! It’s got a little more substance than just the fruit and berries alone, but you’re still getting all of that healthy freshness. See how these ones were made on Number 2 Pencil.

10. Jalapeno pepperoni bagels

Have you been scrolling through all of these ideas feeling torn between the breakfast bagels and the pizza bagels that we’ve shown you, wishing you could hit the flavour mark somewhere in between? In that case, we’ve found the perfect recipe for you! Baker By Natureguides you through the process of making a fried egg, pepperoni, and cheese bagel that’s grilled to perfection and topped with delicious slices of jalapeno for a little bit of kick!

11. Homemade roasted berry cream cheese spread

Perhaps you’re quite fine with the idea of eating a plainly flavoured, simply toasted bagel but you’re still intent on having some kind of exciting flavour, even though you want to keep the prep really easy? In that case, making yourself an unconventional homemade cream cheese that you probably won’t find in stores might be the best idea for you! Nutmeg Nanny shows you how they made this delicious roasted berry spread that gives you a little bit of sweetness but the same amount of satisfaction as cream cheese.

12. Steak and blue cheese bagel bites

Have you been scrolling through this list looking for a bagel option that’s a little more gourmet than what we’ve shown you so far, hoping that you might serve it this fall during potluck season? Well, bagels are still a great idea for that too, you just have to switch up what you put on top of them! We’ve been obsessed with these steak and blue cheese bagel bites this season (and that’s not a lie; we’ve actually already made them twice) and we’re thankful to A Spicy Perspective for laying the recipe out so simply for us to follow!

13. Homemade whipped garlic veggie cream cheese

Were you rather intrigued by the idea of upping your bagel game by making your own homemade cream cheese but you’re just not sure about the idea of fruit or berry flavoured spreads? Then here’s another idea for you to make in advance and slap onto your bagel quickly each morning! The Comfort of Cooking shows you how to make a delicious vegetable spread that has a delicious hint of garlic and a totally satisfying whipped consistency.

14. Spinach and artichoke bagel melts

We’ve talked about a few kinds of bagel melts by now, but there are so many delicious toasted bagel recipes out there that we could honestly just write about them all day! One of the yummiest recipes we’ve ever tried when it comes to grilled bagel bites is this spinach and artichoke melt from Chocolate With Grace. It’s like you’re enjoying a deliciously cheesy spinach and artichoke dip, but without having to actually dip anything! Just bit and go.

15. Everything bagel hot dogs

Do you love everything bagels so much that you wish you could eat almost anything on them? In that case, we think you should take a look at how Delish used everything bagel dough like a bun to wrap hot dogs in! Once you’ve learned this technique, there are endless delicious bagel based snacks that you could use everything bagel dough for! The filling possibilities are nearly endless.


Chasing the Sun: 11 Charming DIY Sunflowers

What is it about sunny days that makes us so happy? Maybe it’s the Vitamin D or the warmth we can feel on our skin, but whatever the true reason, there’s no denying that bright and warm days always bring happiness along with them. Who could blame sunflowers for always turning towards the sun? If you’ve always loved the manner of these charming flowers, check out a collection of 11 DIY sunflowers that embody the sun and never wilt!

1. Sunflower Burlap Wreath

Wreaths are a wonderful way to decorate the front door and greet your guests with something uplifting. A burlap wreath representing a sunflower is a marvelous choice, not just for its uniqueness but also for its bright coloring! Grillo Designs shares the tutorial.

2. Coffee Filter Sunflower

If you are fascinated by everything you can make from coffee filters, you’ll swoon over Aira Tran‘s gorgeous coffee filter sunflower. It looks so realistic and radiant, taking over the space with jolly energy. People might not even know it’s faux when they look at it from afar!

3. Tissue Paper Sunflower

Do you love creating with tissue paper? Add a bouquet of beautiful sunflowers to your tissue paper creation collection! They will make the most amazing centerpiece for your dining table and you’ll be able to enjoy in their sunshine energy for all meals of the day! You can find the tutorial at eHow.

4. Hanging Sunflower Pendants

If you’re thinking of redecorating your home, these hanging sunflower pendants from Always Order Dessert are such a wonderful idea for spicing up your living space! They are full of warm colors, always making sure sunshine is within your walls, even on the gray and rainy days!

5. Sunflower Pillow


Throw pillows are a simple and effective way to bring variety into your living space. They can be aligned with your overall interior or perhaps be that one element that totally stands out – the choice is yours! This beautiful sunflower pillow by Simple Simon & Company will be a fantastic addition either way!

6. Sunflower Cookies

If you are a baking enthusiast you know how important the decorating process is. The way your baked creations look like holds as much importance as their taste, because its the looks that draw people in. When you make these lovely sunflower cookies by Bake Love Give, everybody will be eager to try them!

7. Paper Sunflowers


Those who love having flowers in their home know this can be an expensive taste – unless you figure out a more sustainable way. Faux flowers are the obvious choice and there’s nothing simpler and more affordable than creating flowers out of plain paper! Check out how Lia Griffith made these gorgeous paper sunflowers.

8. Sunflower Balls

If you liked the sunflowers pendants we listed above, you’re going to go bananas for Sweet Teal‘s version of them! One sunflower already holds so much magical energy, imagine how powerful they can be when there are so many you couldn’t even count them! These sunflower balls will be your favorite decor piece, no doubt!

9. Sunflower Headband


Headbands are the accessory that absolutely defines your hairstyle and can be worn out and about as a daily piece or to your favorite music festivals of the year. If you consider yourself a child of the sun, make a sunflower headband that will represent your cheerful personality! Follow the tutorial at The Chic Country Girl.

10. Sunflower Mirror

Sunburst mirrors are one of the hottest trends in home decor at the moment. They are the ultimate focal point of any room and are absolutely breathtaking! We love how Avanti Morocha played with this idea and turned it into a one-of-a-kind sunflower mirror!

11. Denim Sunflower Romper

Are you in the process of refreshing your wardrobe? There’s no need to go on a shopping spree, you can simply upcycle some of the clothes you already own! Martina M will show you how a giant pair of denim pants can become a super cute denim sunflower romper!


12 DIY Bead Necklaces with a Remarkable Style and Design

Making your own jewelry at home can become quite an addiction. You have the total freedom to pursue every single idea that pops into your mind and somehow you never run out of them. We’re here today to give you some more! Surely you’re familiar with beaded jewelry, as it’s one of the simplest ones to make yourself. If your necklace collection could use some new and fresh pieces, find the inspiration with these 12 DIY bead necklaces!


1. Faux Marble Bead Necklace

Are you totally obsessed with the marble trend but just can’t get over the price of actual marble beads? Thanks, I Made It will show you how to create a necklace from faux marble beads with a super realistic look that will fool even the most skillful eye!

2. Braided Bead Necklace

If the simple beaded look isn’t enough for you and you wish to give your necklace a special design that rivals those seen on the runways, check out Crafts Unleashed‘s outstanding braided bead necklace! It’s a big piece that will cover much of your neck and beautifully complement any dress you choose to wear for a gala night out.

3. Painted Bead Necklace

Let your imagination run wild as you’re holding a paintbrush and decorating the beads that will be a part of your DIY necklace. You can truly opt for any color or style and match them together to challenge the boundaries of fashion! Find the tutorial at Think. Make. Share.

4. Ombre Seed Bead Necklace

Beads come in a variety of sizes. The smaller beads definitely have their charm and you can use them to create a less bulky necklace that lies flat against your neck. You can also experiment with colors, creating an exceptional seed bead necklace in ombre coloring, as seen at How We Live.

5. Chunky Bead Necklace


If you like your jewelry pieces to be super noticeable and reigning over your whole outfit, you’ll absolutely want to make this chunky bead necklace! It’s going to be noticeable from far away, stealing all of the attention and making you the target of countless compliments! Get the how-to at Fizzy Pops.

6. Polymer Clay Bead Necklace

It’s time to go polymer clay shopping! Decide on the colors you want your necklace to be beforehand, to make your shopping trip less stressful. Once you have both the clay and the tutorial at Design Sponge, you can commit to making a variety of beads in different colors and sizes to create your most amazing bead necklace yet!

7. Ribbon Bead Necklace


A bead necklace can be a playful piece that you wear to a coffee shop date with friends, or it can be a high-fashion piece that takes anyone’s breath away with its unique and daring style. Decor and the Dog‘s ribbon bead necklace is definitely one of the latter!

8. Modern Bead Necklace

The beauty of modern accessories is that they are not afraid to capitalize on diversity. The rules don’t apply anymore and if the traditional jewelry pieces strived for consistency, the modern ones seem to go for an organized chaos. Take a look at Design Love Fest‘s free-spirited modern bead necklace!

9. Monochrome Bead Necklaces


The monochrome color palette directly contrasts the trend of vibrant colors. The black and white accessory pieces have a chic and elegant look, always ranking as people’s favorite choice. Check in with Craft and Creativity if you’re looking to add some monochrome bead necklaces to your collection.

10. Tetris Necklaces

If Tetris was one of your favorite childhood games, you can now channel some of that nostalgia with a Tetris necklace! Arrange the square beads in your favorite Tetris shapes under the watchful eye of Moms Crafters and voila! You’re can have a piece of your childhood around your neck all the time!

11. Wood and Copper Bead Necklaces

Combining together different materials is a great way to ensure variety and dynamic within your accessory pieces. See Kate Sew paired wooden beads with tiny copper tubes to make modern bead necklaces that reach the compromise between natural elements and a metallic trend.

12. T-Shirt Bead Necklace

Upcycling is one of our favorite ways of crafting! You take something that isn’t serving you anymore and turn it into a brand new piece that is going to be a part of your life for many more years. It’s the circle of life! Peek at Kojo Designs if you want to learn how an old T-shirt can become a beautiful bead necklace!

Beyond the Pie: 15 Exceptional Pumpkin Recipes

You’re definitely going to eat a lot of pumpkin pie this season, but if you want to expand your culinary horizons it’s time to go beyond the pie! Stock the pantry with some big pumpkins of different shapes and sizes, then prepare for the most pumpkin-flavored fall you’ve ever had! From lunch ideas to desserts, these 15 pumpkin recipes are nothing short of exceptional!

1. Pumpkin Bread

When the leaves start changing their colors and falling to the ground, the coming of fall teaches us to embrace change. Instead of starting your days with the regular bread you normally have, bite into The Domestic Rebel‘s incredible pumpkin bread!

2. Pumpkin Rolls

Another fantastic breakfast idea comes from Drizzle & Dip in the form of pumpkin rolls! You’ll definitely get the reputation as your neighborhood’s most prominent baker after you make these sweet rolls that bind together fall’s best flavors!


3. Pumpkin Donuts

Do you have a sweet tooth? No wonder you like pumpkins so much! The sweet and rich taste of a pumpkin is what makes so many fall desserts irresistible. Dear Crissy has blessed us with a recipe for pumpkin donuts you’ll definitely want to indulge in!

4. Pumpkin Spice Waffles

We’re not done with breakfast food just yet – in fact, we could probably eat breakfast options all day long. Lovely Little Kitchen brought together pumpkin spice and waffles; the two things that make chilly fall mornings truly magical!

5. Pumpkin Soup


Colder days call for warmer food! If during the summer your lunches look like healthy saladsand cold wraps, you’ll definitely want to swap them for warm soups once the  chilly weather settles in. Recipe Tin Eats shares a great recipe for a creamy and sweet pumpkin soup!

6. Pumpkin Alfredo

The classic Alfredo sauce is forever one of our favorite sauces to top pasta with! There is something about its creamy texture and cheesy flavor that is absolutely irresistible. If you want to add a special ingredient to the traditional recipe, visit Yellow Bliss Road to learn all about this pumpkin Alfredo!

7. Pumpkin Pasta


One can never have enough pasta recipes, so we’re blessing you with another idea for how to mix that sweet pumpkin into your giant bowl of pasta! Follow the recipe at Domestic Superhero and enjoy your new favorite fall comfort food!

8. Pumpkin Cheesecake

Of course we didn’t forget about dessert – have you met us?! We absolutely worship cheesecakes and because we love all things seasonal, we thought Delish‘s recipe for a delicious pumpkin cheesecake would fit right into this roundup. There’s a strong chance you’ll end up loving it more than the traditional one!

9. Pumpkin Noodle Soup


The greatest thing about pumpkins is that they are so versatile you can incorporate them in every cuisine. If you swear by Asian food but want to give it a pumpkin flavor, try My Food Story‘s pumpkin noodle soup and send your tastebuds into ecstasy!

10. Pumpkin Scones

Fall is the time of numerous festivities when family and friends get together to celebrate the holidays, the season and each other. If you’ve been chosen to host some of these celebrations, you need to offer something seasonal and tasty to your guests. Brown Eyed Baker‘s pumpkin scones are the best choice!

11. Pumpkin Curry

No need to give up curry in this time of the year just because pumpkin pies are taking over! The Glowing Fridge gave the classic curry recipe a pumpkin twist and the result is a unique pumpkin curry that you’ll feel compelled to turn into a traditional family dish!

12. Pumpkin Spice Pancakes

When you’re feeling hungry but the fridge is either empty or you don’t have the energy to prepare a gourmet meal, pancakes are always there for you. You can spice up the recipe with anything your heart desires and make them totally unique every time. Visit Running with Spoons if you like the idea of pumpkin spice pancakes!

13. Pumpkin Veggie Burger

Yes, pumpkins can now dominate your burgers too. And why not? They have a sweet and unique flavor, giving you an exceptional burger experience that you’ll always strive to recreate. Check out the recipe for a proper pumpkin burger at Peas & Crayons!

14. Pumpkin Fries

Can’t get enough of junk food? Swap the unhealthy French fries for these homemade pumpkin fries by 12 Tomatoes! You’ll enjoy them just the same or perhaps a little bit more since they are totally guilt free and anything but boring!

15. Pumpkin Tart

If you love dishes that bring together so many flavors you almost couldn’t count them, this fall tart is for you. It binds together pumpkin, basil, goat cheese and even figs, creating a symphony of flavors you’ll be dreaming of for weeks to come. Oh and did we mention it’s gluten-free? Don’t miss the recipe at George Eats!


15 Homemade Fruit Chew Recipes That are Great for School Lunches

Fall might already be underway, but that doesn’t mean that we’re not constantly collecting new ideas for delicious and creative things to put in our kids’ lunch boxes for school! After all, if we give them the same thing everyday, they’ll get bored and we’ll find out they haven’t been eating their snacks. We try our best to swap snacks out, give them a new treat every once in a while, and also make sure they’re always getting the nutrients they actually need rather than just piles of sugar in junk food snacks. You can probably imagine, then, how excited we were when we discovered the glory of homemade fruit chews.

Just in case your kids like fruit snacks just as much as our do, here are 15 delicious homemade fruit chew recipes that will be such a huge hit on lunch hour this fall that you’ll have parents from all of your kids’ classes asking you for the recipe!

1. Fruit puree and lemon juice fruit chews

Whether you have a quality blender or food processor that’ll help you make the fruit puree yourself or whether you have a particular brand of apple and fruit sauces that you trust the sugar content of and know your kids like, you’re set either way for making these delicious little fruit gummies from Story of A Kitchen! They guide you through the process of moulding little snacks in fun shapes using lemon juice for a little extra flavour.

2. Homemade apricot Fruit Roll-Ups

When we were kids, we mostly enjoyed the basic fruits that you’d expect kids to enjoy; apples, bananas, strawberries, and the like. Our kids, however, tend to be huge fans of things like plums, apricots, and little fruits that we wouldn’t try as youngsters and we’re so glad! Some of the softer fruits, however, don’t fare well in a school lunch bag that gets put in a backpack, though. That’s why this alternative apricot snack from From Which Things Grow is such a great idea! They show you all the steps for making an apricot fruit roll up so that your kids get a treat just like the ones their friends have from the store, but it tastes like an actual fruit that they’ll actually enjoy more.

3. Fruit and nut granola bars

This particular snack might not look like a fruit chew, nor have the same texture, but you’re actually still using a similar technique to make the fruit filling layer in the centre as you would to make chewy snacks or roll ups. Just A Pinch shows you how to combine that fruity layer with delicious oats and nuts to make a granola bar that’s a little bit more filling. It’s the perfect homemade snack for eating right after school but right before all the after-school activities that will be starting up once more for your kids this fall.

4. Homemade strawberry fruit leather

Did you like the idea of making a fruit roll-up or fruit leather but you’re just not sure that your kids will still like the apricot flavour once the texture has changed? Then try making them a more classic flavour instead! We love this recipe from  Canadian Home Trends because it’s just about as natural as you can possibly get in a homemade fruit chew snack but it’s still completely delicious.


5. Bite sized berry fruit snacks

Are your kids quite small and attending the younger grades or day care this fall, so you think they’d have an easier time snacking on small, bite-sized fruit chews rather than larger ones that need unrolling? Then we think maybe you’d prefer this recipe from Hip 2 Save instead! These ones are made with a mixed berry combination that you’ll have trouble not snacking on yourself while you pack your kids’ lunches.

6. Healthy homemade fruit snacks

Do you like the idea of making fruit snacks that taste as close to the store bought kind as possible so you can help your kids make the switch to homemade snacks in their lunches rather than mass produced ones without much of a taste difference? There have been a few times where we’ve swapped things out for the more natural version for our kids and even though they actually do like the new snack, they’re wary of it solely because it’s different. Desserts With Benefits can actually help you out with that because their recipe, while still natural and homemade, is quite sweet compared to some of the other on our list. We’ve tried the classic strawberry flavour and loved it!


7. Juicy berry fruit snacks in fun shapes

If you’ve eaten delicious gummy candies before, you know that there’s a difference between a sweet, juicy gummy and a healthier fruit snack that you might regularly pack for your kids for school. Sometimes, though, the candy kind is really what we want to give them as a little treat. In that case, you might prefer these juicy berry gummies from Designs by Birgit! They might have a little bit more sugar than others on our list, but they continue to be a healthier choice than most “penny candies” from the gummy section in the candy store.

8. Cherry fruit snacks with vanilla and coconut cream

Perhaps your kids are quite willing to try new things or you’re actually makin the gummies for yourself, so you’re looking for something much different in flavour than store bought gummies, even though you still want to make fruit chews? In that case, this awesome, creamier recipe from The Coconut Mama might be more up your alley! Calling something with a chewy texture “creamy” might sound a little misleading, but you’ll see what we mean once you start working with the cherry, vanilla, and coconut cream that make these snacks happen.


9. DIY fruity gummy bears

Speaking of fruity candies, are there certain snacks that you wish you could recreate at home, whether you want to do so just for fun or because you want to tweak the ingredients slightly to cut out sensitive ingredients like high sugar content or red food dyes? Then here’s a recipe you’re definitely going to enjoy! Desserts With Benefits walks you through the process of making your very own Gummy Bears that taste just as great as the ones you’ve always loved from the store.

10. Two ingredient strawberry lemonade fruit snacks

Maybe you’re interested in making your own fruit snacks because you’ve always thought there are so many other flavours out there that would taste great, but that don’t usually come in the packages of store bought fruit chews? In that case, you’ll should definitely check out this recipe from Butter Believer! Rather than just showing you how to make regular strawberry chews, they suggest creating candies using a strawberry lemonade mixture for a bit of extra flavour.

11. Fruity energy gels with a yummy sugar coating

When you started thinking of making your own fruit snacks, did your mind actually go first to the kind that are meant to build up energy before or after a workout, rather than the kind that are just meant as a quick yummy treat while you watch a movie? In that case, The Iron You has a recipe that we think you’ll like better than what we’ve shown you so far! These organic homemade fruit cubes help give you a bit of a natural boost when you need it throughout your day rather than just pumping you up with pure sugar, despite the fact that they do have a light sugar coating to keep them sweet.

12. Bite sized orange creamsicle fruit snacks

Are you still thinking about all the different flavours of fruit snacks that you can’t find in stores in the pre-packaged snacks section, but that you still think would be completely delicious? Then here’s another more uniquely flavoured option for you! The Coconut Mama shows you how to make orange creamsicle flavoured fruits snacks that are sweetened with honey and vanilla.

13. Homemade strawberry Fruit Roll-Ups

We’ve shown you how to recreate a number of store bought snacks in your own home by now, but here’s one more, just for good measure! When we were kids, Fruit Roll-Ups an Fruit by the Foot were some of our very favourite lunch snacks, so we’re always bought them for our kids too, but recently we realized that they enjoy eating things a lot more when they’ve actually helped make it themselves! That’s why we keep this awesome homemade strawberry fruit roll-up recipe from Tip Hero on hand. We tend to make these all year round but our kids certainly go through a phase of wanting them even more each fall when they’re suddenly getting school lunches again!

14. Yummy blueberry fruit chews

Have you always thought that the blueberry chews in any pack of store bought fruit chews were the best ones, but you find that the flavour is either included less than others or not at all? In that case, you’re going to love this recipe from Avocado Barrel because it shows you how to make decently large quantities of specifically blueberry fruit chews to your heart’s content! The best part is that they’re made with natural ingredients, so you don’t have to feel as guilty about eating them as you might otherwise.

15. Watermelon fruit snacks

We’ve definitely seen watermelon fruit snacks in stores before, but we also know that manufactured watermelon flavour tastes much different than the natural flavour of the fruit you love. That’s why we love this recipe from The Larissa Monologues! They show you how to make watermelon fruit chews that have a taste much closer to the fresh melon you’ve enjoyed all summer so you can take that taste through into the fall and put it into your kids’ lunches so they get to enjoy it too.