DIY Wood Cable Reel Race Car Track

It is important to maintain good parent-kids relationship, and it’s long way to go. And bring laugh and make your kids smile should be a thing, and this Wood Cable Reel Race Car Track will surely make your kids exciting for a while. Remember we have a collection of 15+ DIY Wood Wire Spool Furniture Ideas […]

How To Apply Makeup Like A Pro

Makeup is a skill every modern age woman needs to master these day. By simply using a little contouring and light shade, you can look completely different. These 10+ makeup before and after photos show exactly the power of makeup. You don’t have to do heavy makeup all the time. However, you can always use […]

Free Monkey Amigurumi Crochet Patterns

If you want to make a crochet monkey stuffed toy, then these super cute Free Monkey Amigurumi Crochet Patterns are a great choice. They can be given as a child’s gift or used as a decoration in any room. Kids will fall in love immediately with them so much that they will always want to play with it. […]

Best Workouts to Get Rid Of Your Bat Wings

When Summer is approaching in the corner, ladies begin to wear tank, or haltered dress or other outfits with arms out. The flabby arms show up after a whole fat storage in Winter, and we begin to find ways to make our arms slim, toned and sexy. No matter how slim you’ve already been, the […]

How to Transfer An Image To Rock Tutorial-Video

Rocks can ROCK! We use rocks everywhere, for home and garden construction and landscaping. And we do love the collection of DIY Garden Decorating Ideas with Rocks and Stones. Fabulous, agree? And if you want to decorate your house, garden, deck or patio unique with meaningful or artistic images you love, you will love to learn this tutorial […]

13 Braided Hairstyles to Rock This Summer

There are countless different ways to braid your hair and usually the style of the braid you choose depends on the occasion. Braids have that great trait – they can look elegant and sophisticated, perfect for a wedding, or they can be playful and funky, ideal for a summer festival! Whatever your raison d’etre may be, we […]

How To Make Clay Pot Family

Remember the clay pot people tutorial we have shared with you a while back. Now Magilla takes it to a next level by making this Minion Clay Pot Family. Don’t you think they will be charming addition to your garden? Watch Tanya to show you how to make such cute clay pot family.