Apparently, there’s a horse hiding in this photo of a frog. Do you see it?

Everyone loves to be challenged, bewildered and mystified once in a while. That’s why puzzles and optical illusions are so popular.

Puzzles and optical illusions help us to expand our minds and think critically in different ways. They also help with problem-solving.

Sometimes we come across a puzzle that significantly challenges us. They appear far too hard to solve so you convince yourself that it is unsolvable or go looking for the answers on the instructions or online. Sometimes that puzzle is so difficult that it makes us just want to give up on it all together.


Source: Martin Wheeler Optometrists

The photo above is one of those difficult puzzles that, at first, seem completely impossible. But it’s not. When you realize the answer, you’ll be kicking yourself for not seeing it.

First, you should know that the photo above isn’t just a photo. It’s an optical illusion that actually hides an image within an image.

When you look at the photo above, what do you see?

A frog, a horse, or both? Well, we’ll tell you right now that it’s both! But, that doesn’t mean you’ll see both. Just about everyone sees a frog in the photo.

But there is definitely a horse hidden with this photo of a frog. Seeing the frog is the easy part.


Source: Relay Hero

The outlined image above clearly shows a frog, but indeed, there’s a horse there too. Do you see it? No? Ok, we’ll give you a hint.

The image isn’t of an entire horse. It’s just the horse’s head and neck.

Did you see it yet? Still, no? Ok, here’s another clue. Start looking around the area with the lily pad. It has an odd texture to it, right? Does it remind you of something?


Source: Relay Hero

Are you still struggling? What if we told you the that the horse’s head is the frog’s body, does that help?

To see the image you have to turn the image once to the left.

Still not seeing it? Ok, take a look at this!


Source: Relay Hero

I bet you will definitely see it now! Who ever created this image is absolutely brilliant. You’ll never see this image in the same way again. Just try it!

Scroll back upward to the top and see if you can see the frog. You might see only the horse!

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