Dr. Richard Shultz is a world-renowned doctor who came up with his powerful recipe that he named The Super Tonic. His super-tonic can be used for the treatment of so many health problems and conditions.

Tinctures are among the most effective natural remedies you can use. This is due to the reason that tinctures are made using the most effective and powerful ingredients. They also offer you all the health benefits that come from plants. In simple terms, tinctures will absorbs all the great benefits offered by herbs.

They can be used as highly powerful home remedies. But at the same time you must be excessively careful when using tinctures.

Most tinctures are made using 80-proof alcohol. But apple cider vinegar can also be used in place of alcohol, especially if you don’t like the latter.

Tonics are made to help build and strengthen your body system over a long duration. When it comes to preparing tonic tincture, apple cider vinegar can be the ideal ingredient. You don’t have to worry anything about it because it is 100 percent non toxic. It also offers so many types of health benefits.


Some of the main health benefits of apple cider vinegar (ACV) are as following:

– ACV helps in alkalizing the human body.

– It helps the digestive tract too. When you use organic and unfiltered ACV, it will have something called ‘mother’. It is also called SCOBY (Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast). This is a wonderful probiotic, which is great for your digestive system.

– Apple cider vinegar has acetic acid. This acid is a powerful antimicrobial. Studies show that it helps in reducing cholesterol and is also beneficial for insulin sensitivity.

– The malic acid found in ACV has antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal benefits. It is also beneficial in supporting energy production in your body. This helps in boosting your muscle and mental functioning.

– ACV also helps in making your immune system stronger.

Dr. Richard Shultz has named his remedy as The Super Tonic for all these and many other health benefits. He suggests everyone to use either organic ingredients for this tonic or grow the ingredients themselves. The ingredients will be soaked to get all their medicinal benefits. This makes it important that they are highest and healthiest in terms of quality. You can prepare this recipe easily because it’s so simple for everyone.


These are the ingredients required for making Dr. Schultz’ Super Tonic:

– Garlic clove

– Habaneor Pepper (fresh) (you can also use the hottest pepper available)

– Ginger root

– Onion

– Apple cider vinegar

– Horseradish root


You will find that this strong recipe follows similar preparation to most tinctures.

– Take a glass jar and add all these herbs into it.

– Put apple cider vinegar on the herbs.

– Peel all the veggies and chop them into small pieces. Add the chopped pieces too into the jar.

– Once all the ingredients are added to the large glass jar, cover the ingredients fully using apple cider vinegar. Make sure that the ACV is 2 inches higher than the herb-veggie line.

– Put a lid that closes firmly. Then shake the tonic while holding the lid to ensure that everything is mixed well.

– You can again add more ACV if you feel more is required.

Leave this medicine as such for weeks. You may also shake it on a daily basis.


Once the tincture is strained, it will become easier to both store and use it. Get the following to strain this tincture:

– A loosely woven cloth piece (handkerchiefs, muslin, or cheesecloth)

– Large bowl

– Stainless steel colander (in a size that can fit into the large bowl)

Note: – You can simply put the cloth on the jar’s mouth and pour out the liquid into the bowl. But this method will result in lots of wastage.

Take the colander and put it in the large bowl. Use the cheesecloth to line the colander. Pour out the contents from the jar into this strainer. Then you can use a plate or some other flat object for pressing and getting out the juices out of the concoction.


The tonic can be poured out into small jars. But you can also keep it in the large jar after rinsing it.

It will be best to store the tincture in amber glass bottles or other tinted bottles. This type of glass helps in minimizing light damage. Make sure that the tincture is stored in a dark and cool place.

The remains from the preparation can be used as compost. But you can also use it to add to your soup or dishes by freezing it.


This tonic can be taken daily or whenever you need it for supporting your digestion, boosting your immune system or for any kind of ailment.

When it comes to taste, you should keep in mind that it has quite spicy and powerful herbs. So don’t be surprised by the taste. Almost everyone likes to use it as such, but if you find the taste too strong, you can add little raw honey. At the same time, you must drink plenty of water through your day.

Drink just 1 small cup of 20 to 30 ml. But if you have cold or some infection, the dosage can be increased to 5-6 shots per day.

As already mentioned, this is a very powerful tincture. So it’s important to follow each and every instruction carefully. The results will leave you really surprised. It is going to give a refreshing feel to your full body while also strengthening your immune system.

Thanks for spending your time reading this. Take advantage of this powerful tonic while also sharing it with everyone around you.