3 Step Glamorous DIY Headband

This headband DIY is created by  All the Good Girls Go to Heaven. If you want to check more similar project go to the website. To start doing this awesome headband you should get these materials first. Materials: Nora rhinestone banding (the one shown was purchased here), Zelda applique (here), a rhinestone button (here), two […]

How To Do An Awesome Dutch Flower Braid (VIDEO)

How To Do An Awesome Dutch Flower Braid (VIDEO)

Dutch braids generally look amazing when done correctly. The only difference between a Dutch braid and a French braid is the direction the hair is braided. With French braids, the strands of hair are braided over top of one another. Each time you cross a section of hair with another section to braid, that section […]

10 Easy DIY Hair Masks for Every Hair Type

Natural hair masks use easily available ingredients to fix common hair problems. Hair masks prepared from organic ingredients, which can easily be found in the refrigerator or your kitchen cupboard, gives hair the much needed pampering. Hair masks prepared using natural / organic ingredients contain potent nutrients which can nurture your scalp and hair. Nourishing […]