13 Recipes That Prove Cinnamon is the Best Spice

Out of all the spices this world knows, cinnamon has the best reputation of all. It is popular in desserts and hot beverages throughout the whole year, but during the winter people seem to love it even more. Without a doubt, cinnamon makes every cake, cookie and hot chocolate infinitely better, not to mention it […]

15 Natural DIY Headache Remedies

Even though we love both the fall and the winter, there’s a period in between the two that’s actually quite difficult for us thanks to changes in environmental and atmospheric pressure that come with big weather changes. This is because we’ve been migraine sufferers for many years. As we get them so often, we like […]

Delicious Homemade Fall Pies to Savor

Halloween has come and gone and Thanksgiving is on its way, so our minds have switched away from thinking about things like spooky cupcake designs and instead we’re considering which mouth watering seasonal pie we’d like to make! What, did you think we were going to say that we we’re thinking about something other than […]