Rain Gutter Bookshelves

For those of you who tuned in to the Hometalk Facebook Live Segment on mine and Rob’s house a few weeks ago, you may remember someone tuning in and suggesting I do a rain gutter bookshelf project. You may also remember Miriam relaying a shout out from an audience member named Alex, telling me that, […]

What to buy in Aldi (and what not to buy)

Aldi supermarkets are located all around the world. If you haven’t visited one yet, chances are you will someday. Like every store, they have their own store brands and they carry some big brand names, too. If you’re thinking about trying out what they offer, check out this comprehensive list first. The price-savvy blogger at […]

Sleep experts and psychologists alike will tell you that the meaning behind your dreams can be extremely significant. But I never realized exactly how revealing they are until now — I dream about #2 all the time!

A good night’s sleep is always necessary to recharge our batteries and prepare ourselves for the day to come. However, just because our bodies may spend six to nine hours resting each night, that doesn’t mean that our brains have stopped working for a second. While we sleep, our brains and our subconsciouses are capable […]

30 Short Haircuts for Women

Picking out any haircut can induce nervousness, insecurity, and indecision. Especially so when you’re about to lop it all off! How do you know what style is right for you? What if you end up looking like a man? These worries may not be justified, but they are certainly common. No one wants to go […]