Elderly teacher is single, without kids and tough, then students discover his true colors

After serving years in the United States Military, Mr. O’Connor commands attention like no other teacher can. He doesn’t put up with any of his students slacking off or acting up, which is how he earned the reputation of being the “tough, strict” teacher whose bad side you don’t want to see. With that picture […]

30 hilarious times broke college students proved how clever they can be

College students might be broke, but it doesn’t mean they aren’t savvy. Sleeping in cramped dorms, eating ramen noodles, shopping at thrift stores — college years are a time for being frugal because, well, let’s face it — you’re probably broke! These 30 photos prove that college students can be geniuses when it comes to being […]

30 hilarious and creative gas station and convenience store signs are sure to make a road trip way more entertaining.

Making a stop at a convenience store or gas station isn’t the most exciting thing in the world. It’s usually out of necessity or to stretch your legs during a long road trip. The owners of these gas stations and convenience stores decided to try and add a little humor to your day. They’re using […]

A husband and wife spend 5 days updating their tiny kitchen—see how they got the amazing kitchen we all want

After 30 years of struggling with our miniature kitchen in our one bedroom New York Apartment, our stove and dishwasher gave up the ghost at the same time, and we had to empty out the kitchen, breakfast nook and hallway into our living room to remove the old appliances, so we could have the new […]