Got any colorful bandanas lying around? You should TOTALLY do this!

My youngest son digs all things muddy, buggy, or otherwise “outdoorsy”. So, when I was decorating his room, I thought “bandana” . And this is how I used them.     Simple, easily sewn, inexpensive bandana pillows for our outdoor adventure/camping themed boys room!   Details, if you’re interested, are over on the blog…   A favorite […]

Apparently, there’s a horse hiding in this photo of a frog. Do you see it?

Everyone loves to be challenged, bewildered and mystified once in a while. That’s why puzzles and optical illusions are so popular. Puzzles and optical illusions help us to expand our minds and think critically in different ways. They also help with problem-solving. Sometimes we come across a puzzle that significantly challenges us. They appear far […]