Here are more then 20+ DIY Leaf Craft Projects For Your Home and Garden

Whether leaves are green or falling, we are excited here to put these nature gift back home and garden for nature inspired projects. These 20+ DIY Leaf Craft Projects For Your Home and Garden will definitely be a jump start to transform your living space into a fun wonderland that looks just as festive as the outdoors! DIY Botanical […]

Do it Yourself Christmas Salt Dough Snowflake Ornament

DIY Salt Dough Snowflake Ornament for Christmas decoration. Looking for some easy, fun and inexpensive ways to make your own Christmas ornaments, we have a wide collection of Christmas ornaments on our site that you should go check them out. There are handmade paper snowflake ornaments, Hot Glue Snowflake; Felt Snowflake and even pasta snowflake ornaments! And today we are going to share another kids […]

DIY Ladder Shelf

This ladder shelf is super trendy and gives a way for you to show off your decor pieces that are just spread throughout the whole house. The best part apart it, you don’t have have to spend a fortune. The wood was about $20 total (excluding the nails, hinges, etc)! Time: 3 Hours Cost: $25-30 Difficulty: Medium If you happen […]

The Hottest Modern Trend: DIY Knot Pillows

It’s always fun when a certain trend takes over the Pinterest boards and home decor magazines. This is what is currently happening with ultra-modern knot pillows. As an ultimate focal point, the knot pillow has much power over the room. It brings playfulness and trendiness into the space and even though it doesn’t look anything […]

Kitchen Trivet on a Baking Sheet

I haven’t posted in a really long time. Life sort of crashed down on me and sucked the energy and enthusiasm that I had for crafts right out of me. I’m mostly better, and I’m trying to rediscover my joy in creating stained glass mosaics. This is my first piece since that time. Sometimes the […]

Master Bedroom Reveal!

It is finally time for our Master Bedroom Reveal! This room has been by far the most challenging room to date. We had numerous setbacks and there were times I wanted to pull my hair out but it all came together in the end. If you have been following our journey you know that we […]