Microwave Pineapple Upside Down Cake

I’m not even kidding you with this one. Pineapple Upside-Down Cake…in a microwave. Yep. You could be eating this awesomeness in about 10 minutes. It just doesn’t get any easier. So the inspiration behind this cake….the blazing hot temperatures we’ve been experiencing in Sacramento. I start breaking out in a sweat if I even just LOOK […]

How To Make The Best Sandwiches

Best Sandwich Recipes Here is our collection of best sandwich recipes. From classic chicken, egg, turkey, ham, to grilled cheese, lobster rolls, mashed avocado, and bacon crunch, they are great for any meal of the day. These sandwich recipes meet every definition of good food. They use healthy ingredients. They are infinitely adaptable. You can […]

Beer Can Chicken

Yes, this is the Beer Can Chicken recipe that you’ve heard so much about, a nice plump juicy bird perched on an open can of beer and then grilled to perfection. Also called Beer Butt Chicken this recipe first started making the rounds by word of mouth. Now there’s a whole industry dedicated to helping you make a BBQ […]

Best Taco Recipes

Tacos are a popular Mexican recipe.  Who can resist the traditional hard taco shell filled with ground beef and your favorite toppings?  It is one of my favorites. Here are a few other taco recipes that take the traditional taco to a new level.  The round up contains everything from taco chili to a recipe […]

Foods You Do Not Have to Buy Organic

Organic food is growing in popularity and for good reason. Aside from being better for the environment, it is also less likely to contain pesticide residue than conventional foods. Unfortunately not everyone has access to or can afford to eat a 100% organic diet. For this reason, we turned to www.healthdigezt.com, for some help on what kinds of produce are less likely […]

Cream Cheese Chocolate Bread

After almost eight months of blogging, I finally came to the decision! Yes, in the future, my blog will not just be a place where you can find sweet treats. Starting today, you can expect some savory recipes! And you can just imagine what was the reason of this decision. Of course, my husband. After […]


My family expects a lot when they come over for a meal and are particularly demanding for the holidays 🙂 I can’t blame them though – I like a lot of options too! My family, like myself, have a definite sweet tooth but also like savory options as well. Here are 20 of my favorite […]