Coffee body scrubs have been all the rage in beauty recently thanks to companies like Frank Body (which I love—their scrubs are so luxurious). Caffeine is cellulite’s biggest enemy. With regular use, it’s shown to reduce the appearance of cellulite as well as provide antioxidant protection. My DIY version is very basic but effective! Not only […]

Say bye bye to dark circles

If you’re like most people, odds are you wake up with tired, puffy, dark circles under your eyes in the morning. Confused about why they’re there? DIY Makeup has got you covered. Here are some of the reasons why we get dark circles, and some creative ways to help get rid of them. First of […]

Homemade Non-Toxic Eye Liner

As an “all natural” mama I don’t tend to wear makeup on a daily basis. More like, weekly or even monthly. I have sensitive eyes that tend to get irritated easily by mascara and eye liner. I’ve tried a few natural brands of makeup that I liked a lot, but still found that my eyes […]


Lately, I am on this quest to create my own natural and cheap makeup products. Your probably thinking it’s because I did some research and found all the horrible stuff in makeup since thats usually is what gets me to venture into making my own products (or because I’m cheap). But the truth is… I […]

Soothing Magnesium Foot Scrub

Why Magnesium? Experts estimate that 80-95+% percent of adults aredeficient in magnesium, and this can have dire consequences since the body uses magnesium in the processes that regulate heart health, mental health, blood pressure, and during pregnancy. In fact, magnesium is one of the most-needed minerals in the body and is involved in hundreds of biochemical […]