13 Cool ideas for your graduation cap

There are so many people graduating and all of them have to wear the same boring black cap for graduation. Here are 13 ideas to change that and be cool on graduation. 1. Is it worth the Hassle!? http://pinterest.com/pin/179862578840520065/ 2. Thank the ones that are important http://pinterest.com/pin/175640454189786544/ 3. Anyone you wanna kiss? http://pinterest.com/pin/208221182744273836/ 4. Support […]

12 DIY ideas you can do without sewing skills

1. This suede skirt requires tracing and cutting, but not sewing. marthastewart.com Get the directions here. 2. Revamp a white tee with a pocket. ohthelovelythings.com This project only takes ten minutes of your precious time. 3. Take a men’s button-down shirt and turn it into a dress, no cutting or sewing required. strawberrykoi.com The shirt […]