Apply This Home-Made Mask to Your Hair and See The Amazing Results!!!

Cinnamon and honey are the two ingredients mostly known in medicine due to their numerous health benefits. Here you can learn how to prepare a mask for your hair using these two ingredients with healing properties. They can nourish you hair as well as prevent hair loss,  improve growth, prevent split ends, remove dandruff, enhances elasticity etc.

Both cinnamon and honey contain antioxidants which protect your hair from outside conditions such a dryness during summer, high temperature, etc. You are safe to use this mask no matter what type your hair are.

Ingredients and instructions

For this mask you need to have 1 ts of honey,1 ts of cinnamon, and ½ cup of live oil.

Put the oil in a bowl and heat it. After removing it from the stove you should put the cinnamon and the honey in the bowl and mix them using a spoon. You will end up having a mask which you should apply to your hair scalp. You should brush the hair in order for the mask to be well spread. You should leave this mask on your scalp for 15-20 minutes. After that you should wash your hair as usual.

Note: use it at least once a week for the desired effects!