Baby powder as a better alternative to dry shampoo..

Use baby powder as a better alternative to dry shampoo

Emergency situation! Bear Grylls style.  Imagine it …

You’re in the shower. As a modern woman, you need to shave your legs immediately for one of two reasons. Either …

1) You’re about to go on a 3rd date.


2) You’ve let the past 2 weeks go by without shaving your legs because you couldn’t be bothered and besides when you’re in the shower you barely have enough time to rinse the soap out of your hair before someone is yelling at you because they can’t find something they’re probably already holding. Because of this, your legs are itching. A lot. As though the hairs growing out of them are made of fibreglass insulation. Dipped in mosquito juice.

So … regardless of the reason, you need to shave your legs.

Unfortunately because you’re a busy, modern woman you didn’t remember to pick up shaving cream.

 Shaving cream


Now what?

You need to shave your legs BUT YOU’RE ALL OUT OF SHAVING CREAM!

You could use soap, but the truth of the matter is your very best #2 choice if you run out of shaving cream is hair conditioner.

 shaving ceam

As proof for you,  I conducted a little experiment.