DIY Mermaid Nails: An Enchanting Fairytale Manicure

Among all the manicure trends that have recently emerged, mermaid nails are one of our favorite. It encourages people to experiment with their manicure beyond the limits of a standard nail polish and it offers a chance to bring much of the childhood fairytale magic into their nail art. If you are in need of some inspiration, take a look at these enchanting DIY mermaid nails!

1. 3D Mermaid Scale Nails

It’s no secret that mermaid tails have glistening fish scales, so the fastest way to channel the mermaid charm is by creating a manicure that is full of scales. Naio Nails has the most outstanding tutorial because the mermaid scales are actually 3D and they appear totally realistic!

2. Sparkling Mermaid Nails

Mermaids are known for their enchanting personality and sparkling appearance. If you want to glow with the same radiance as they do, start with a sparkling mermaid manicure that is going to bring alive the mermaid magic! The Nails Queen shares the tutorial!

3. Super Long Mermaid Nails

If you love to artistically challenge yourself and push people outside of their comfort zones, you’re already enamored with mermaid nails by default, but Dazzle Glam Nails shares an idea for mermaid nails that are so long, they’ll leave people gasping when they see you. Work it, honey!

4. Watercolor Mermaid Nails

Watercolors have a beautiful way of capturing the essence of colors and blending various shades together with ease. A lot of mermaid manicures are very bright and vibrant, but if you want to try something more pastel, Simply Nailogical‘s watercolor mermaid nails are a great choice.

5. Holo Mermaid Nails

Are you obsessed with the holographic trend? We’re definitely all over it! Bring together the two crazes that have taken millennials by storm and brace yourself for a holographic mermaid manicure! Cutepolish will be with you throughout the whole process.


6. Acrylic Pink Mermaid Nails

Not all mermaids are the same; they definitely have different personalities. If your mermaid alter ego embodies sensuality and femininity, you’re going to want to represent that with your manicure. How about these acrylic pink nails by Sarah’s Nail Secrets?!

7. Simplistic Mermaid Nails

Can you still sport a mermaid manicure without making it super lavish and extravagant? Of course you can! Ipsyshares a tutorial for a simplistic mermaid manicure that is just as enchanting as any other, but it does allow for some more privacy when you’re out and about!

8. Blue Scale Mermaid Nails

If we were a mermaid, we would spend all of our days exploring the depths of the ocean. Have you always felt called by the great vast sea too? Capture its colors within your mermaid manicure! The blue scales on Janelle Estep‘s mermaid nails are absolutely captivating!

9. Dark Mermaid Nails

Maybe your idea of a mermaid is a darker and more mysterious one. A creature that knows many secrets, but seldom reveals any. Capture this quality in your mermaid manicure with dark mermaid nails that will beautifully represent your enigmatic character. Kelli Marissa is your guru for the day!

10. Green Mermaid Nails

You can keep the color palette of your mermaid nails fairly simple and still create a mesmerizing manicure that is going to charm the onlookers! Green is always a great color to go with, as it has the superpower of looking both cold and warm at the same time. Check out how Tiffy Quake made these green mermaid nails!