DIY Toothpaste: A Natural Path to a Fresh Breath

There are countless toothpastes on the market but very few are all-natural or contain the ingredients you are familiar with. For the best toothpaste experience you’re going to have to roll up your sleeves and make it yourself! The process is not nearly as complicated as you might fear and we’ve brought you the best DIY toothpastes to prove it!

1. Remineralizing and Whitening Clay Toothpaste

Clay has been a total superstar in the world of beauty, dominating DIY tutorials for face creams and toothpastes alike! If you think your teeth need some special pampering and have lost some of their old white gleam, Weed ‘Em & Reap has a great tutorial for a remineralizing and whitening clay toothpaste!

2. Peppermint and Clay Toothpaste

Clay strikes again! Taste plays a big factor when choosing your toothpaste because if you’re going to be applying it to your teeth at least twice a day, you definitely don’t want it to taste bad. Follow the tutorial at Don’t Waste the Crumbs and add some peppermint oil to your clay toothpaste to get the most refreshing breath!

3. Black Toothpaste

This toothpaste is one big paradox and this is exactly why we love it so much. It may be black, but it helps whiten your teeth. Say what?! If you want to learn all about how this works and how to actually make this magical toothpaste, visit A Return to Simplicity!

4. Chemical-Free Toothpaste

Are you absolutely done with the chemicals you are encountering in your daily beauty and self-care products? At some point you must draw the line and say enough! If you are looking for your very first chemical-free toothpaste that looks and tastes authentic, stop by Live Simply!

5. Orange Peppermint Toothpaste

When you start making your own toothpaste at home, you quickly realize that you have countless options when it comes to choosing the taste. You can opt for one aroma alone or mix two or more together. Mindful Mommamixed orange and peppermint for this homemade toothpaste!

6. Activated Charcoal Toothpaste

Have you jumped on the charcoal bandwagon yet? There are so many products you can use charcoal for and Wild Green Life‘s toothpaste is definitely one of them! It’s going to look super funny when your teeth are all black, so don’t forget to snap some photos just for fun before you wash it off and admire your white teeth!

7. Turmeric Toothpaste

Turmeric has countless benefits for our health and apparently for our teeth as well! If you are already using it in your cuisine and beauty routine, you’ll happily add it to your oral-care products too! Visit One Mum + A Little Ladyto learn how turmeric can become the number one ingredient in your DIY toothpaste.

8. Spirulina Toothpaste

Spirulina is one of our all time favorite superfoods! Contrary to the popular belief, superfoods aren’t just meant for smoothies and chia puddings. They can definitely serve you beyond the kitchen! Follow Zero Waste Nerd‘s tutorial and make yourself a unique and revolutionary spirulina toothpaste!

9. Strawberry Toothpaste

Children’s toothpastes have some of the best flavors and there’s no shame in admitting we sometimes steal a little bit of their toothpaste because it’s way sweeter than ours. The Pistachio Project shares a great recipe for a strawberry toothpaste that you’ll be able to enjoy guilt-free and share with your kids!

10. Mint Toothpaste

Nothing tastes fresher than mint. Brushing our teeth is a daily habit that contributes to our health, yes, but there’s also the element of fresh breath that we’re always very aware of. If you want to woo someone special with your minty breath, Almost Exactly has the perfect toothpaste for you!

11. Squeezable Toothpaste

Maybe you can’t wrap your head around having to scoop toothpaste out of a little container. We get it – old habits die hard! You can absolutely make a squeezable DIY toothpaste that will feel as genuine as the one you buy in a store. Check out the details at My Darla Clementine!

12. Coconut Oil and Baking Soda Toothpaste

One of the easiest and most well-known toothpaste recipes is one that mixes coconut oil with baking soda. Sometimes you just want to try something simple and use up the ingredients you already have in your pantry. JJshares the how-to behind this simple toothpaste!