Defying Tradition: 13 Non-Traditional DIY Christmas Ornaments

One of the best parts about December is setting up the Christmas tree and decorating it with the beautiful ornaments. A lot of people use the same ornaments every year, since they are a part of the Christmas tradition, but if you are a free spirit who wants to do Christmas a little differently this year, you’re definitely thinking of getting some super unusual and unique ornaments. We’ve picked out 13 non-traditional DIY Christmas ornaments for you!

1. Unicorn Christmas Ornament

If you consider yourself a loyal member of the unicorn family, a unicorn ornament can’t be missing from your Christmas tree! We love this idea from The Farm Girl Cabs and think it’s going to add a sparkling and enchanting element to your holiday ambiance.

2. Hot Air Balloon Christmas Ornament

Maybe you aren’t too keen on making ornaments from scratch because you already have a big box of them at home. You can absolutely use your existing ornaments and give them a little makeover! Turn them into hot air balloons, following the tutorial at The Cheese Thief.

3. Wine Cork Christmas Ornaments

Save the wine corks from the wine bottles you drink with friends because you’re going to need them for Christmas tree decorations. Say what?! One Little Project used wine corks to make the most adorable Christmas angels that you can hang up on your tree or anywhere else around your home!

4. Vintage Buttons Christmas Ornament

Vintage buttons have a very special charm. If you are lucky enough to have a big stack of vintage buttons at hand, perhaps given to you by your mother or grandmother, Live Love DIY will show you how you can use the buttons to create a captivating and unique Christmas ornament!

5. Wire Stars Ornaments

Christmas is a time of abundance and prosperity, but sometimes it feels good to remain minimalistic in how we go about our holidays. You can opt for handmade gifts and even decorate your Christmas tree in a more simplistic manner. We found these lovely wire ornaments at Alyssa & Carla!

6. Hamburger Christmas Ornaments

Fast food is your loyal companion throughout the year but in December your table is suddenly full of homemade pies, gingerbread cookies and other delicious festive foods. Aww Sam urges you not to abandon your fast food bff, but give it an honorary place on your Christmas tree instead.

7. Chalkboard Christmas Ornaments

Creativity should be celebrated all year, but especially during the holiday season. If your family loves to be creative and always has a difference of opinions when it comes to holiday decorations, Satori‘s chalkboard Christmas ornaments are going to keep the peace in the house!

8. Mini Mittens Ornament

Keep your shiny and fancy ornaments in the box this year, because these mini mittens by Just Crafty Enough are stealing the spotlight! Nothing says winter like a pair of mittens and they beautifully fit in with the essence of Christmas, thanks to their bright red color.

9. Sprinkles Christmas Ornament

If there was a competition for the most creative Christmas ornament, this colorful ornament by Little Gray Foxwould definitely rank very high! Anyone who loves sprinkles is going to jump at the opportunity to make this one, so don’t hesitate to try something new and multicolored!

10. Scrabble Christmas Ornament

Board games are an important part of spending time with your family. They are usually met with so much laughter and a little bit of anger when the loser can’t accept they didn’t win. Celebrate this tradition along with Crafts by Amanda – buy some extra scrabble tiles and use them to make this creative Christmas tree ornament!

11. Ice Cream Christmas Ornaments

Winter is not usually the time when we’re indulging into ice cream, unless you’re lucky enough to live in a warm climate all year long. This doesn’t make our love of ice cream any lesser though! If you want to make your favorite dessert a part of the celebrations, My Poppet has the perfect tutorial for you!

12. Pet Christmas Ornaments

Since holidays are a time of family, we have to mention that we absolutely consider pets as family members and as such, they deserve a couple of decoration pieces of their own, don’t they? Handmade Charlotte made these lovely Christmas ornaments in the shape of dogs, cats and even rabbits!

13. Photo Christmas Ornaments

When you have a big family you’re always trying to capture the happiest and most significant moments on photos, so you can one day look back on them and feel all warm and fuzzy with nostalgia. This year, display your favorite memories right on your Christmas tree, in the form of photo ornaments by Landeelu!