Festive Holiday Glam: 13 Christmas Makeup Styles for Festivity Ahead

Christmas Eve only comes once a year, so it’s definitely considered a special occasion, one you want to look your best for. Whether you’re celebrating Christmas in a big family circle or a smaller gathering with friends, how you do your makeup is going to define your festive appearance. No need to get pre-festive jitters; here are 13 Christmas makeup styles you can choose from!

1. Drugstore Christmas Makeup

You’ve already spent the majority of your budget on gifts and you definitely don’t fancy the idea of spending even more money on expensive makeup. Don’t worry, Leyla Rose created a beautiful Christmas look using only drugstore makeup that is as charming as it is affordable!

2. Red Glitter Lips

Leave everyone at your Christmas table speechless when you show up with daring red glitter lips. Sometimes the Christmas star isn’t on the top of the tree, but rather sitting at the table! There’s no shame in going a little diva over the holidays. Just ask our favorite makeup guru Nikkie Tutorials!

3. Dark Christmas Glam

Christmas is one of the most popular holidays, but everyone has their own way of celebrating it. If bright and shiny color palettes aren’t your thing and you generally prefer a more mysterious vibe, Naomi Jon has a tutorial for a really captivating dark Christmas makeup!

4. The Classic Glam

When you’re into celebrating tradition, you’re aiming to create a makeup look that is classy and conventional. Nobody does it better than Carli Bybel! Her classic glam makeup is the ideal pick for a relaxing Christmas Eve you’ll be spending with your family.

5. Simplistic Christmas Makeup

Don’t feel like going all-out with the Christmas makeup this year? You’re going to love Jaclyn Hill‘s simplistic Christmas glam! It’s one of those looks that truly highlight your most gorgeous features without seeming over-the-top. The red lips are enough to give you the alluring element that a special occasion calls for!

6. Candy Cane Makeup

When it comes to eye makeup, get creative! Who says the house is the only thing that needs to be heavily decorated for Christmas? Bring some of that decoration magic to your makeup as well! Eyedolize Makeup will show you how to rock a super unique candy cane makeup!

7. Gold Glitter Makeup

Striving for a natural look with just a little hint of glam is a great route to go down on  Christmas. It’s sensual, glowing and enchanting. Michelle Tapia has a tutorial for a gold glitter makeup look that is going to give you a radiant and luminous festive look!

8. Soft Christmas Makeup

Christmas always makes us turn inside and look at the values that we hold most dear to our hearts, such as family, charity and community. Channel these traits through Mariana‘s soft Christmas makeup that will contribute to your tender and kind appearance.

9. Sparkling Christmas Makeup

Everything sparkles on Christmas! From the ornaments hanging from the Christmas tree to your incredible makeup! Melly Sanchez will teach you how to create a sparkling Christmas glam that is going to make you the center of attention at any Christmas party!

10. Cranberry Christmas Makeup

Red is not a color you should underestimate in December. It’s very jubilant and merry, just like Christmas itself! If you’re looking for a way to incorporate red into your festive makeup but don’t want to settle for the classic crimson red, Rachel Leary‘s cranberry style is going to blow your mind!

11. Naughty and Nice Christmas Makeup

Because two is better than one, Soph Does Nails created two contrasting makeup looks, both of which are absolutely perfect for Christmas. One of them is naughty, if you want to look daring and seductive, while the other one is nice, if you want to be the angel of the family!

12. Warm Christmas Makeup

December often brings us the first snow of the winter and if you’re living in a climate that gets super cold, you’re definitely going to want to contrast the gray tones of the winter. We think the warm shades of Katerina Williams‘ Christmas makeup are a perfect way to stick it to the cold temperatures!

13. Red and Green Christmas Makeup

Along with the red, green is also the color that keeps popping up during the holiday season. Make the best of this color combination with a fantastic and offbeat makeup that draws you in with the dark red lips and charms you with the green eyes! Get the tutorial at That Girl Shae Xo.