Jingle All The Way: 13 Merry Jingle Bell Crafts

Out of all decorations that get hung up around Christmas, jingle bells are one of our favorites! The way they softly chime reminds us of the popular Jingle Bells song and makes us daydream of Santa flying over the sky with his magical reindeer. If you want your home to be decorated in a unique and festive way, check out our selection of 13 jingle bell crafts!

1. Jingle Bell Ornament

Little ornaments are a very welcome addition to any room come December. Decorating your home goes beyond just setting up a Christmas tree and a couple of garlands. The true decorative magic lies in the details. Take a look at how Satori Design for Living made this lovely jingle bell ornament!

2. Egg Carton Jingle Bells

The holiday season is usually that special time of the year that is spent in the family circle. There are so many ways to bond with your family members, but crafting remains one of our favorites. The egg carton jingle bells by Powerful Mothering are a wonderful thing to make together!

3. Jingle Bell Reindeer Art

Being creative in how you set up your holiday home decoration is very important. You want to try something new every year, something that defies tradition just a little bit. How about hanging up a Christmas-themed wall art? Rockabye Butterfly‘s jingle bell reindeer canvas art gets our vote!

4. Jingle Bell Christmas Ornaments

Tiny ornaments are very convenient because you can hang them up anywhere in the house and they will turn it into a festive space. They are also perfect if you have someone coming over unannounced and you quickly need to add a little enrichment to your living space. Diana Miller‘s jingle bell ornaments are a total winner!

5. Rustic Jingle Bells

You can buy shiny, new and modern jingle bells in any store, but rustic ones are hard to get your hands on. They have a special charm that only an old-fashioned decoration piece can have, embodying timelessness and tradition. Check out how Ashley Hackshaw made these rustic jingle bells!

6. Red Jingle Bell Necklace

The house isn’t the only thing that calls for Christmas decorations. You can absolutely add some Christmas-themed accessories to your style as well! One of our favorite pieces that can be worn by the whole family is this red jingle bell necklace by PreKinders!

7. Jingle Bell Snowflake

You can’t hide from snowflakes in December! If you love everything about snow, you’re already contemplating how you can bring the snowflakes indoor as well. Visit Better Homes & Gardens to see a fantastic idea for an elegant and gleeful silver jingle bell snowflake!

8. Jingle Bell Sticks

Once you have children you forget what it’s like to have a silent house. If you think it’s loud now, wait until you make Rockaby Butterfly‘s jingle bell sticks! These are going to make your children so happy and we can’t think of a better time to have a loud household than Christmas!

9. Jingle Bell Wreath

Wreaths are a very popular decoration choice for many special occasions or even just changing of the seasons. They are simple to make and you can really put your creativity into them, making each wreath a unique piece. Look to Martha Stewart for inspiration!

10. Jingle Bell Christmas Tree

The big Christmas tree is already set up and decorated, so now the search begins for a smaller version that is going to be the centerpiece of your Christmas Eve dining table. Make the decorative tree from jingle bells, as shown by the brilliant Jennifer Rizzo!

11. Jingle Bell Letters

There are so many words that we associate with Christmas, such as merry, joy, Santa, presents and yes, even eggnog. Pick a word that truly represents what Christmas means to you and use jingle bells to bring it to life, creating a stunning decoration piece for your living space! Capturing Joy shares the whole process.

12. Jingle Bell Home Decor

Sometimes the simplest decor pieces are the most charming ones. Centsational Style shares a lovely jingle bell decoration idea that you can hang up anywhere in the house and instantly give the space a Christmassy ambiance. We also love the eye-catching color of the jingle bells!

13. Jingle Bell Napkin Ring

The traditional Christmas Eve dinner calls for the whole family to sit down together and enjoy in the most delicious food. If you’re in charge of setting up the table this year, you can surprise your guests with the most enchanting jingle bell napkin rings they’ve ever seen! Sand & Sisal will teach you how to make them.