DIY Ear Flap Hats To Prep for Cold Temperatures

Cold temperatures are inevitable during the winter and when you really think about it, they are not so bad. After all, they usually bring snow with them! Enjoy the daily walks in winter wonderland without freezing your ears off by armoring yourself with a handmade, soft and warm hat! We’re totally loving these 13 DIY ear flap hats!

1. Furry Ear Flap Hat

Channel the classic Russian winter fashion with this furry ear flap hat we found at Sewing Rabbit! The faux fur is going to make sure your hat keeps your ears extra warm and you can count on the traditional design of the ushanka to be the center of attention!

2. Rainbow Ear Flap Hat

The winter months can be very gray and gloomy. The weather is cold and grim, the temperatures low and unpleasant. Such a scenery could do with some color, wouldn’t you agree? Fall Texture shares a tutorial for a fantastic rainbow ear flap hat that you can make for the whole family

3. Bicolored Ear Flap Hat

What are your two favorite colors in the whole world? Go get some yarn in those colors and crochet this incredible bicolored ear flap hat that is going to be your most important piece this winter! Seriously, you’ll never leave the house without it again! Find the pattern at Red Heart.

4. Extra Warm Ear Flap Hat

Some of us get super cold in the fall already, when the temperatures start slowly decreasing and by winter we are absolutely freezing! Always make sure your head and ears are well protected from the cold. Purl Soho shares a super warm ear flap hat made from wool and cotton!

5. Polka Dot Ear Flap Hat

A lot of people complain that winter is not the best time to be fashionable, because all of your outfits are hidden behind coats, mittens and scarves, but we absolutely disagree. You can make a statement with any piece, even a flap ear hat! Delia Creates made a super cute and very modern polka dot hat!

6. Baby Ear Flap Hat

If you have recently had a baby, we know that the colder months ahead might be stressing you out a little bit. Babies are so tiny and fragile, we all worry they might get too cold! Thankfully, Alli Crafts has a pattern for the perfect baby ear flap hat!

7. Shark Ear Flap Hat

Sharks are so incredibly adorable and if you have a little toddler at home who insists on throwing temper tantrums every time you ask them to wear a hat, this ear flap hat that looks like a shark might just be the secret weapon you’ve been looking for! Check out  the pattern at Repeat Crafter Me!

8. Aviator Ear Flap Hat

Another joy that winter brings is the chance to dress up our kids into super cute winter outfits! This tiny aviator ear flap hat by Red Heart will keep your little one warm and protected from the cold, as you take a thousand pictures of them because you absolutely need to capture this moment in time!

9. Panda Ear Flap Hat

Pandas are the sweetest animals. There is something about them that feels so slow and peaceful, two things our world really needs at the moment. This year, crochet matching panda hats for you and your little mini-me! You can find the how-to at All About Ami.

10. Snowman Ear Flap Hat

Snowman is a symbol of wintertime fun! When the whole family is playing in the backyard and building a giant snowman together, the experience can only be better if you are all wearing snowman ear flap hats! Repeat Crafter Me shares the details!

11. Pastel Ear Flap Hat

Shake up the monochrome winter tones with a mesmerizing pastel ear flap hat! The way the colors of this hat are dancing with each other, almost spilling over one another, is truly a charming sight. Find out the secrets behind this unique hat at Cre8tion Crochet.

12. Pom Pom Ear Flap Hat

Winter can be very playful and fun, but you have to dress the part! If you’re wondering what could make a simple ear flap hat so darn special and lively, Crochetlatte has the answer: pom poms, of course! They make everything better, aren’t we always telling you that?

13. Fox Ear Flap Hat

Turn into a jumpy winter fox with a little help from The Stitchin’ Mommy! The details on this foxy ear flap hat are truly admirable, there isn’t one thing that feels out of place. It’s a piece that feels childlike and can happily be worn by spirited adults too!