Cute Gudetama Dim Sum – Dim Sum Icon

Gudetama, the yellow lazy egg character from the Japanese Sanrio family, is find a way to enter our bellies through dim sum restaurants.

So Cute! Diners happily squeeze buns of the bun and enjoy “poop” of chocolate sauce coming out of the sought after dim sum.

Dim Sum Icon 2

Don’t play with your food. It is disgusting ~~~

Dim Sum Icon 1

Another dish

Dim Sum Icon 3

Isn’t it cute?

Dim Sum Icon 4

Here is the other side.Dim Sum Icon 5

Poke it with a chopstick…

Dim Sum Icon 6

And give it a little squeeze…

Dim Sum Icon 7



People are having fun with their food…

Dim Sum Icon 8

Dim Sum Icon 9

Is it inspiring? Try it out if you happen to be in Hong Kong.