Remedies To Stop Snoring Fast

Snoring is a common problem. It is a noisy breathing during sleep. Snoring happen among all ages and both genders. It affects approximately 90 million adults in the United States. Some suffer nightly, and some intermittently. You are not alone if you suffer and wonder how to stop snoring.

Snoring does not only disrupt your own sleep and your bed-pertner’s, but also reduces sleeping quality, leading to poor daytime functions.

How does snoring happen?

When you fall into sleep, your throat muscles relax. Your tongue falls backward. The air tunnel becomes narrow and floppy. The wall of the throat vibrates as you breathe, generating the sound of snoring.

The narrower the air path, the louder your snoring. Sometimes the air path collapses completely, causing temporary cessation of breathing. Called sleep apnea, this serious condition is dangerous and requires medical attention.

What causes snoring?

Several factors facilitate snoring.

Normal aging. As we age, the throat muscles relax naturally.

Anatomical abnormalities in the nose and throat narrow the throat during sleep, e.g. enlarged tonsils or adenoids, nasal polyps, or deviated nasal septum.

Functional abnormalities, such as inflammation in the nose or throat.

Sleeping position. Sleeping on the back tends to lead to snoring for some people.

Obesity, especially having lots of fatty tissue around the neck.

Ingestion of muscle relaxant, e.g. alcohol or certain medication.

How to stop snoring?

If you suffer from serious snoring or apnea, you should seek help from your health professional. Meanwhile here are some additional remedies that help treat snoring.

Lifestyle modification, such as sleeping position training and avoiding the risk factors, can help snoring. Some of these minor life changes can have immediate effect. Keep reading more snoring remedies below…



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