Everyone Who Wears Jeans Has To Know These 10 Awesome Denim Tricks

Denims are always in trend and why shouldn’t they be? After all you can wear denims any day, any time and they make you look smarter and you are able to carry yourself comfortably in them. The best part of wearing denims is that they can combined with many different kinds of tops, be it stripped, floral, tank tops, jerseys or even formal shirts to create a semi formal look. Denims are like your favourite picks while travelling, while at leisure or while you just hanging with your friends. Denims are your best friends as they make you appear sleek and chic.

While denims are easy to maintain and usually do not get torn or ripped easily, there are times when your favourite denim has bad day too. You may have got a few of jeans even from your high school days as they are favourite ones, however over a period of time, it may have lost it colour or may have started looking out of fashion. Scroll over as we bring a few hacks to make your old denims appear new and how you can create glamorous and flashy looks with your denim wear:

How to tell if they will stretch.

Before buying any denim always ensure the stretching ability of the denim from the retailers. And if you want to check it at home then wear it and do squat for 60 second and check if the denim attains it shape again.

How to freeze clean denim.

Washing your jeans is essential for removal of dirt, bacteria and to get rid of sweaty smell but we all know that frequent washing can damage your jeans so there’s a new and quick way to clean your jeans and to prevent it from frequent washing. First of all remove all the stain by spot cleaning stain using stain remover and let it dry completely. Then fold the jeans and put it in a zip bag and then place it in freezer for 24 hours. After 24 hours your jeans would be ready to wear, thaw and wear it.

Save Your Jeans From Bleeding

When you buy dark shades of denims, on the first few washes, it generally bleeds. This results in fading of the colour over a period of time. To prevent bleeding of your denims, soak them in salt and water solution. This will set the colour dye in the jeans and prevent the fading of your jeans.

Make Your Legs Appear Longer In Denims

To make your legs appear longer in the jeans, simply cuff your jeans. This trick will make you look taller than your actual height. To add the glamour factor, tuck in your shirt and team up your jeans with a trendy high heel stilettos.

How to cuff your jeans with ankle boots.

To wear jeans on ankle boots by slightly cuff them. The best way is to give them one easy roll as it comes up higher than others. It can make you look super chic and give elongating effect at the same time.

How to figure out which shoes pair with which jeans.

Every denim cannot match up with every shoe type. Usually you can wear it by mixing them up with each other but certain shoes suit the certain type of jeans. For instance knee high boots and cap toe flats can match up with skinny jeans, low heel pumps and ankle boot can match up with boot cut jeans

Tucking Jeans In The Boots

Team up your jeans with stretch boots to give yourself a model like look. To tuck in the jeans in your boots, first fold your jeans up to the desired length. Make a extra vertical fold and wear your stocking over the jeans. This will hold your jeans in place and the finally wear your boots over it.

Shorten Your Jeans Without removing The Original Hem

You can easily shorten the length of your jeans without disturbing its original hem line. To this simply pin up your jeans to length you want to crop it up to. Sew a straight line under the original hem line with sewing machine. Remove the excess fabric by cutting it off underneath the new hem line. Fold the jeans back and iron it out to remove the creases.

How to fix faded denim.

You know that washing your denims can result in faded and rough jeans so, to prevent this use dye to bring back their colour and shine.

Things you need: 1bottle denim dye, 1 bottle navy dye, 3 gallons of hot water

Directions: pour out ½ cup of denim dye and navy dye in a 3gallons of hot water and soak your jeans in it for some time.

How to do original hem

For original hemming process you can seek tailor or do it yourself because it doesn’t need any type of sewing experience. First of all measure the length from which you want to hem the jeans and mark it using pins and then stitch it using a sewing machine. After sewing, cut off the excess part of the jeans and in the end use iron to make it crease less.

Follow The Care Instructions

To make your last longer, always prefer to handwash them over machine wash. This will not only prevent the jeans from fading but also will prevent from getting roughed edges. Soak your jeans in inside out in bucket of water in which a mild detergent has been added. Do not use harsh detergents on your denims as this rips the fabric over a period of time. Instead of drying them of in the dryers, simply hang them in straight line and let them air dry.

Squat Test Jeans Before You Purchase Them

Before buying a new pair of denims for yourself, how can you figure out if this will stretch or it will be saggy jeans? Well to check this, simply do squats for 60 seconds. If the jeans return back to its original form and shape then it’s good enough to invest on it.

How to distress your own jeans

Things you need: a chalk, a safety pin, a tweezers, a box cutter, a magazine.


Straighten the legs of the jeans to remove crease and then use chalk to make your marks.
After making marks insert a magazine to protect the bottom layer of your jeans and then use cutter to slit horizontal strips and pull the threads using a safety pin.
To remove vertical threads use tweezers.
If you use this method then you don’t need to buy ripped jeans as you can make it only by using your old jeans.