13 Recipes for Holiday Enthusiasts Who Can’t Get Enough of Eggnog

That one family member who always gets sideways glances at the dining table because of their big love of eggnog – you know who you are! Beat yourself at your own game and go beyond the classic eggnog drink. Start using it liberally while you’re baking and preparing desserts and snacks for the holidays and give all of your culinary creations that special creamy taste. Here are 13 innovative eggnog recipes to get you started!

1. No-Bake Eggnog Pie 

We just made this whole speech about baking and now we’re starting with a no-bake pie? Our intuition told us that those of you who absolutely resent baking, or can never find the time for it, want to find something for yourself in this roundup too – so here’s an exceptional eggnog pie by Love Bakes Good Cakes that requires zero baking skills!

2. Eggnog Pancakes

Breakfast is already known to be the most important meal of the day, but during the holiday season when you’re housing the whole family under your roof even more so! Spice up the classic pancake recipe with some delicious eggnog, just like Let’s Dish did!

3. Rum and Eggnog Pound Cake 

Pound cake is something that absolutely cannot be missing from your holiday dining table. There are many ways to make it truly unique and rich in flavor, but our favorite one is by Brown Sugar. The recipe mixes together the strong aromas of rum and eggnog, catering to those who just can’t pick between the two!

4. Eggnog Truffles 

When you’re hosting a lot of people at your house and they are all mingling about, heavier food just won’t do; you’ll need something that’s easy to pick up with fingers, doesn’t leave a mess and serves as a quick and tasty bite. Six Sisters’ Stuff has a fantastic recipe for delicious eggnog truffles that fit the description flawlessly.

5. Eggnog Bread 


You’re going to want to set your classic banana bread recipe to the side for the next couple of months and fully pledge your loyalties to Knead to Cook‘s tasty eggnog bread! It’s the perfect choice of bread for the big traditional Christmas Day breakfast.

6. Eggnog Creme Brulee

Once you learn how to make a creme brulee, it’s easy to get addicted to them! There is no lack of recipes that you can try, but in this time of the year, when the weather is chilly and the the families are spending more time together, we only have eyes for this festive eggnog creme brulee by The Cozy Apron.

7. Eggnog Cheesecake Cookie Cups 


To tell you the truth, Liv for Cake had us at cheesecake; the eggnog flavor and the cookie cups are just an added bonus! This amazing spin on cookie cups is meant to be shared with your friends, so you can host a baking get-together with your group of besties and bake as many of these as you want!

8. Eggnog Cheesecake 

If the cheesecake cookie cups simply aren’t good enough for you and you’re determined to have a real-deal cheesecake that tastes like eggnog, report for duty at Life, Love and Sugar! What could possibly be more magical than combining the flavors of cream cheese and creamy eggnog?

9. Eggnog French Toast 


How about another idea for breakfast of champions? Add some eggnog to your classic French toast recipe and start your days with a toast that literally tastes like holidays! If you ever start missing the festive spirit during the year, you only need to make this toast to conjure it! Cooking Classy shares the recipe.

10. Eggnog Donuts 

You didn’t really think we’d skip donuts from this roundup, did you? They are one of the most precious baked goods that you can munch on while you’re on the go or in the comfort of your living room. Yummy Healthy Easy has a festive recipe for eggnog donuts that also happen to be dairy-free!

11. Cinnamon Eggnog Scones 

These scones will be a total hit this year – you can even pack them in a lunch box and bring them to work! Binding together cinnamon and eggnog, King Arthur Flour created a harmony of flavors that will go amazingly with mulled wine or a giant cup of hot chocolate – or, you know, more eggnog!

12. Eggnog Custard Pie 

The creaminess of this eggnog custard pie will totally sweep you of your feet! It’s a wonderful dessert to make in the last months of the year when you want to finish a big dinner with something sweet and seasonal. Snatch the recipe at Who Needs a Cape!

13. Eggnog Macarons


Macarons are said to be a real challenge to make, even among the professional chefs – but don’t let that discourage you, especially not when Baking Sense‘s eggnog macarons are on the line! We can promise you they are going to be worth the patience a hundred times over!