Enchanting Pink: 12 Makeup Tutorials That Celebrate the Pink Lip

The red lip may hold the title of the most classy lipstick style, but the pink lip represents pure fun! It’s a carefree makeup choice that is always welcome and sends the message of your free-spiritedness! You can go with bolder, dark pink shades to show off your edgy nature, or opt for lighter hues if you wish to come across more softer! Find the inspiration with these 12 pink lip makeup tutorials!

1. Shiny Pink Lip

If you’re looking for a perfect party look, this is the one! Chloe Morello will show you how to make a shiny pink lip that will be your secret weapon for charming your way into any party! It’s a look that represents youth and freedom, shining in an almost fluorescent shade!

2. Kylie Jenner Pink Lip

Kylie Jenner is the queen of big lips and her lip kits are still selling out like crazy! Among all of her lip styles, the most envious one is probably the nude lip! It’s a rosy and natural look that really emphasizes one’s natural beauty and EMAN will show you how to recreate it!

3. Bright Pink Lip

Pink is a very versatile color with an abundance of different shades. Make your lips bright and bold with a tutorial from Leslie Alvarado! If there’s a special occasion coming up and you know you want to stand out, this mesmerizing lip style will be your secret weapon!

4. J-Lo Pink Lip

Jennifer Lopez is known for her beautiful full lips that are always rich with eye-catching lipstick! Her lip look is absolutely flawless and clearly done by makeup professionals! Don’t let that discourage you – Makeup By Gio is the only professional you truly need!

5. Playful Pink Lip


Depending on a shade, pink can represent boldness or softness. It can also represent playfulness and help you embody a fashion style that doesn’t play by the rules but rather has its own path! Check out the tutorial for a playful pink lip at Makeup By Camilla 2!

6. Hot Pink Lip

The hot pink is one of those colors that tend to polarize people; they either swear by it, or they’re hesitant to wear it because it’s too obvious. Chiaroscuro‘s tutorial features a hot pink lip that will immediately make you the center of attention! It’s feminine, sexy and powerful!

7. Soft Pink Lip


If you’ve skipped over the hot pink lip tutorial, you probably belong to the group of people who prefer a more simplistic look. The soft pink lip will definitely not disappoint you! There’s just enough color on the lips to emphasize them but leave the overall makeup subtle and natural! See the tutorial at Tina Young!

8. Dark Pink Lip

A dark pink lip done right means the lipstick color is bordering on bright purple. The two colors seem blended into one in this makeup tutorial by Melissa Alatorre! Complete the style with beautiful bronze smokey eyes and you will embody the goddess of harmony between dark and neutral color hues!

9. Peachy Pink Lip


Choose a gentle shade of peachy pink for your best daytime makeup! It radiates softness and gives you a very romantic look that you can either leave simple or turn up a notch with a stunning eye makeup! Find the whole process at Carli Bybel!

10. Coral Pink Lip

You’d be surprised by how much influence your lip makeup can have on your entire style. If you want to create a truly mesmerizing look, lipstick should definitely be your focus! Emma Cervin has a tutorial for a coral pink lip that stands the test of time and ever changing makeup trends!

11. Summer Pink Lip

Summer is a time of bright outfits and cute makeup! You want your lip makeup to be chic and trendy, matching your style all throughout the hot months! The brighter shade of pink you choose, the more your lips will stand out! Allow Rumena Begum to teach you her magic!

12. Rose Gold Pink Lip

Surely you’ve picked up on the rose gold trend that has taken over the world of beauty and fashion! The color of rose gold represents natural glamour. Visit Carli Bybel to learn the tricks behind a breathtaking rose gold pink lip that will beautifully complement your evening gala style.