20 Great Ideas for Arranging Things at Home in Perfect Order

Provided you organize your living space wisely, it will be comfortable to live and work in, even if you live in the most humble abode. Plus, you’ll save a lot of time during the cleaning process. Bright Side found some interesting ideas on how to arrange things at home, so that everything is to hand and mess is banished forever. © iheartorganizing A properly organized space is the secret of perfect order. Step-by-step instructions […]

46 Penny-Pinching Ways To Save A Lot Of Money This Year

1. Make your own lotion soap.     myellowumbrella.blogspot.com   You can customize with different kinds of molds, food coloring, and scented essential oils. Get the directions here. 2. Don’t leave soap sitting in water. It will dissolve 50% faster. 3. Make your own liquid hand wash from a bar of soap. bonnieprojects.blogspot.com Get the directions here. For foaming hand […]

Darci Lynne Wins ‘America’s Got Talent’ After Cracking Judges Up With Her Singing Puppets

The season 12 winner of America’s Got Talent has finally been announced! Congratulations, Darci Lynne Farmer! From the beginning, Darci Lynne had something special. Her first audition blew the judges away. Not only did the 12-year-old girl have talent as a ventriloquist, but she also had a beautiful singing voice. She knew just how to develop her characters and […]

Man Turns Storage Grain Silo Into Beautiful Tiny Home For His New Wife.

The “Tiny House Movement” has taken the nation by storm, drawing followers into the minimalist lifestyle where people pare their possessions down to the basics and live in homes that look like glorified dollhouses. But many of the tiny homes are just scaled models of a traditional house; others started out as trailers or even shipping containers. But […]