Here are more then 20+ DIY Leaf Craft Projects For Your Home and Garden

Whether leaves are green or falling, we are excited here to put these nature gift back home and garden for nature inspired projects. These 20+ DIY Leaf Craft Projects For Your Home and Garden will definitely be a jump start to transform your living space into a fun wonderland that looks just as festive as the outdoors! DIY Botanical […]

Magazine Holder Flower Planter

Many months ago, we found this magazine holder at the thrift store with a kinda, sorta plan but it ended up sitting in the basement collecting dust. I decided it would make a great flower planter this Spring. I originally planned to line the inside with plastic and using real dirt and flowers but my […]

Topsy Turvy Planter

This planter gave my front steps the perfect amount of “oomph” it needed. Not only does it allow me to display a variety of beautiful flowers at the same time, but the pots are so bright and cheerful as well. My neighbors can’t help but smile when they pass by my house now. Time: 1 Hours Cost: $25 Difficulty: Easy […]

How To Make DIY Greenhouses

A greenhouse can significantly extend your growing season. They are not very hard to build. You can build inexpensive DIY greenhouses if you recycled materials, such as PVC pipes, doors, windows, and pallets. Here are 25 DIY greenhouse plans that you may want to check out before you go start your own projects. Pondic – […]

How To Grow Healing Plants At Home

One stone two birds! These healing plants can not only decorate your garden, but also provide many health benefits. They are often ingredients for many home remedies. From marigolds, peppermint, garlic, to sage, you should have these plants around your house. They are quite easy to grow and care for. Continue reading all detailed instructions […]