This blogger emptied her closet for the best reason. See how she got the amazing master closet we all want!

Before I had my bedroom closet updated, I thought having a “walk-in” closet was the only way my husband and I could share a closet. Turned out, we just needed a more efficient storage solution. Our old closet was a typical “reach in” closet that you would see in older homes. Here’s how it looked […]

DIY Washable Snowflake Prints

Here is another idea to make Christmas decoration on windows or glasses with toothpaste. Which can be easily washed off with water without using detergant. (ideas from Snowflakes on the windows).   Supplies you will need: toothpaste (white), small capacity,deep dish with water,sponge, bottle with water sprays, paper snowflakes Directions: Dilute white toothpaste with water into thick paste. place paper snowflake in a bowl with water. Press wet paper snowflake onto the glass.  With snowflakes will drain the water, blot it with a cloth.  Spray […]

Christmas Decorations – 16 Simple And Super Cute DIY

Christmas is a genuinely unforgettable time and unique feeling that everyone senses at the depth of a heart. On Christmas night, every family carefully decorates the house. Sparking lights, Joyful Christmas tree decorations, boxes with presents under the tree, magic odors, and Christmas cuisine tastes – all make up a magical celebration atmosphere including children […]