How To Grow Your Own Mushrooms

Mushrooms are hugely popular in cooking. They are also pricey at grocery stores. Do you know that you can grow your own at home easily, using coffee grounds or logs? We have found some good tips for how to grow your own mushrooms successfully. Check it out. Scroll down for the video. Pondic – How […]

DIY Avocado Egg Recipe

Here is a recipe to cook delicious baked avocado egg. Yes, the key ingredients are avocados and eggs. This dish combines the benefits of the two. More potassium High in good fat Loaded with fiber Avocado can lower cholesterol Avocado can prevent cancer Here are more details of the recipe and watch the video for […]

How To Make An Omelet In A Bag

I am a fan of omelets, although I don’t know how to make an omelet. I thought it was too complicated to make an omelet until I saw this video from All recipes. It is such a fun and easy way to make an omelet. This could be an easy way to prepare breakfast for […]

15 Bagel Ideas That Will Make Your Mouth Water

Now that it’s October, we’ve finally gotten back into the swing of things when it comes to early mornings and getting the whole family ready for school and work at once. We find that it takes us a couple weeks to really hit our groove and establish a morning routine that ensures everyone makes it […]

Beyond the Pie: 15 Exceptional Pumpkin Recipes

You’re definitely going to eat a lot of pumpkin pie this season, but if you want to expand your culinary horizons it’s time to go beyond the pie! Stock the pantry with some big pumpkins of different shapes and sizes, then prepare for the most pumpkin-flavored fall you’ve ever had! From lunch ideas to desserts, these 15 pumpkin […]