20+ Cutest Christmas Nail Art DIY Ideas

Looking for some fancy holiday manicure ideas to dress up your nails? We have some collections of nail arts, the DIY Converse Nail Art Design Ideas; Stunning Shattered Glass Nails; Butterfly Nail Art Ideas and more. If you are getting ready for the holidays by painting a winter wonderland on your nails, these 20+ Cutest Christmas Nail Art DIY Ideas will surely give […]

Yellow Nails: 11 Easy Home Remedies To Fight Fingernail Discoloration

We all know that great feeling when your natural nails finally begin to grow out. You’ve been treating your body well, giving it the vitamins it needs, and finally, it has rewarded you. No more fake nails! From now on, your hands will be au naturel, which will save you time and money during your next mani session. But that happiness can […]

20 Amazing Nail Hacks That Will Blow You Away

If you love painting your nails, you are going to love this video by Janelle Estep. Janelle has compiled the best nail hacks you’ll find anywhere and put them all together for us in this five minute video.  She covers several tips ranging from homemade nail polish remover, glitter, cleaning your nails, creating fancy designs […]