Remedies To Stop Snoring Fast

Snoring is a common problem. It is a noisy breathing during sleep. Snoring happen among all ages and both genders. It affects approximately 90 million adults in the United States. Some suffer nightly, and some intermittently. You are not alone if you suffer and wonder how to stop snoring. Snoring does not only disrupt your […]

DIY Washable Snowflake Prints

Here is another idea to make Christmas decoration on windows or glasses with toothpaste. Which can be easily washed off with water without using detergant. (ideas from Snowflakes on the windows).   Supplies you will need: toothpaste (white), small capacity,deep dish with water,sponge, bottle with water sprays, paper snowflakes Directions: Dilute white toothpaste with water into thick paste. place paper snowflake in a bowl with water. Press wet paper snowflake onto the glass.  With snowflakes will drain the water, blot it with a cloth.  Spray […]

20+ Cutest Christmas Nail Art DIY Ideas

Looking for some fancy holiday manicure ideas to dress up your nails? We have some collections of nail arts, the DIY Converse Nail Art Design Ideas; Stunning Shattered Glass Nails; Butterfly Nail Art Ideas and more. If you are getting ready for the holidays by painting a winter wonderland on your nails, these 20+ Cutest Christmas Nail Art DIY Ideas will surely give […]

Plant Garlic At Home

Garlic is so easy to plant and take care of. You can plant garlic in your garden, or plant them in a gardening pot. Garlic are not afraid of cold weathers. The reasoning winter season here in California is the perfect time for them to grow and prosper. Garlic can grow very well even indoor. […]