9 totally useless DIYs you would like to do

After doing so many useful DIYs all week or even month we thought that is time to spend some time doing something that is totally useless but you would enjoy doing. Here are 9 totally useless DIYs just for you!

1. Crochet Egg Holder

It’s time to treat your eggs right.

2. Disembodied Feet Made of Rocks


These are perfect accessories for any garden. When the rock people pass through in the night, they will know to respect and fear you, for look what you have done to their brothers.

3. Corset Coffee Sleeve

It’s hard to deny that coffee just tastes better when it’s dressed up like a fancy little lady or an Old Wild Western prostitute.

4. Phone Book Planter


Because of course you still have that fossilized phone book from 1999 lying around somewhere.

5. Lamp with a Mustache


Choosing the right lighting in your home is not easy, but one thing you can do is turn your lamp into a gentleman who knows where you can get bathtub gin.

6. Paper Bag Tree


What’s a fun, easy way to decorate my home with a crumpled up paper bag without losing the look of crumpled up paper?

7. Bottle Cap Wind Chime


What’s that I hear out the window? Why, it’s the wind’s sweet garbage song. You haven’t heard true music until you’ve experienced the delicate clankity-clank of metal slapping together in the breeze.

8. Ice Tray Chocolate Strawberries


Anyone whose ever eaten a chocolate-covered strawberry can tell you that they’re just better in one solid, unbreakable chunk of eight. Anyone who wants to eat one at a time can BYOIP. (Bring Your Own Ice Pick)

9. Rainbow Spaghetti


Is your food looking too much like food? Food coloring to the rescue! Make your food look less food-like.