9 DIY mirrors for your wall

Mirror, mirror… If you ever thought that mirrors can not look cool or different than the one that are random and square check out these 9 DIY mirrors that can change the look on the walls.

1. DIY Sunburst Mirror
30. DIY Sunburst Mirror

Surprisingly easy and super chic.
Tutorial on Apartment Therapy.

2. DIY Twigs Mirror
28. DIY Twigs Mirror

An unusual use for your gardening leftovers.
Tutorial on Woman’s Day.

3. DIY PVC Pipe Mirror
26. DIY PVC Pipe Mirror

Best if you’ve got some time on your hands.
From Thrifty and Chic.

4. DIY Mosaic Mirror
24. DIY Mosaic Mirror

From Craft Stylish.

5. DIY Chrysanthemum Mirror
18. DIY Chrysanthemum Mirror

Yes, more spoons. Who knew they made such great mirror frames?
Tutorial on Addicted 2 Directing.

6. DIY Colorful Spoon Mirror
5. DIY Colorful Spoon Mirror

A spoon mirror? It looks surprisingly elegant.
Tutorial on Country Living.

7. Recycled Magazine Mirror4. Recycled Magazine Mirror, $150

Love all the colors.
By Color Story Designs on Etsy.

8. DIY Acorn Mirror
3. DIY Acorn Mirror

Great for fall (just watch out for squirrels).
By Martha.

9. DIY Seamstress Mirror
32. DIY Seamstress Mirror

For the sewing enthusiast.
Tutorial on I Love to Create.