8 Cleaning Tips For Lazy People

Here are 8 cleaning tips that everyone would like to know, but the ones that would be the happiest to use those are the lazy people.

1. Use “Swiffer Socks” to remove the dust
Avoid dusting by walking around your house in "Swiffer Socks."


2. Easy way to cleaning your microwave
Cleaning your microwave is (almost) as simple as turning it on.

Mix 2 cups of water and 1/2 a cup of white vinegar into a microwave-safe cup or bowl. Turn it on for about 3 minutes on full power. Leave it there for a few minutes. Remove the bowl carefully and wipe clean.

3. Eat your Chinese food on the paper plate
Eat Chinese take-out without dirtying up a dish.


4. Keep a muffin pan clean by using foil and cupcake liners
Use foil and cupcake liners to keep a muffin pan clean.


5. Keep some coal in your fridge
Keep coal in your fridge.

There is some coil cubes you can buy to remove the bad smell from your fridge.

6. Have your home divided into zones and clean a zone for 5 minutes every night
Divide your home into zones and each night, clean a zone for 5 minutes.


7. Buy a colander pot
Invest in a colander pot.

8. Use a removable oven liner
Use a removable oven liner.