7 Tips to survive a wedding

1. The guide on how Tie a bow tie in a hurry

So much more dapper than a tie.

2. Don’t go down because of slippery solesenhanced-buzz-2711-1365623850-17

All you need is sandpaper and you can dance to your Rihanna-loving heart’s content.

3. Do not bother thinking of a toast, Mad Lib will take care of that

Available here.

4. Tips and tricks to cure hangover

All that garter-booze can wreak havoc. Find the full list here.

5. Add heel protectors so your shoes don’t sink into the grass or get ruined by cobblestones

Their slogan is, hand to god, “Stay High On Grass.”

6. Smuggle in your booze bridesmaid-style

You’ll need it during the half-hour vows the happy couple wrote each other on parchment paper

7. Get rid of deodorant stains with these guysenhanced-buzz-32508-1365624959-3

Available here.