5 Ways To Get Thinner Thighs In Just One Week

Many women want slimmer thighs. But what to do if food changes and perseverance training seem to bring nothing at all? Then you can help with special exercises for slender legs.  The fitness trainer Jessica Smith has developed the following sports exercises, which can help you within a week to slimmer thighs. After each exercise, you should do 15 to 20 minutes of perpetual training.

1. Frog

You’re going to start laying down on your mat. Both legs are going to be out straight. The key here is to turn your toes out to the side. Make sure they are 45 degrees so your heels are touching. This exercise is really going to target that inner thigh area and the quad area. You’re going to bring both legs up about 45 degrees and then all we’re doing is bringing the knees all the way in, keeping the heels together, and then kicking out, same positioning, really focusing on squeezing the inner thighs together as you drive through those heels. So again, you’re taking it all the way in, and then driving through those heels, squeezing your inner thighs together as you push it out. So you’re really going to feel the tension in that quad area right here and on the inner thighs. So all together you’re taking it in, kicking it out, taking it in, kicking it out, just like that. I would say to do about ten to 12 reps of these in your leg workout routine. And that’s how you do a line frog kick.

2. Side-to-Side Plié

All right the next exercise is a side by side plies with an inner thigh lift. So what you’re gonna do is with a plies your legs are wide. You’re wider then shoulder width, core is always tight, your shoulders are back, and you’re gonna stand up straight and tall. You’re gonna lean down into it, so you’re gonna get really low. And with this you can either put your hands on your hips. You can even hold a weight in front of you if you’re a little bit more advanced. What you’re gonna do is you’re gonna go side to side and bring your inside leg up. Just like this, so down, up, and up. You’re gonna get down low. Get a good stretch, so you’re working those inner thighs. Lifting that leg up. The whole time that your core is tight, you’re back is flat, and your shoulders are back. Get a good stretch in your glutes, inner thighs, and lift. Go for about 30 seconds and you can do 2 or 3 sets of this. You’re gonna get your heart rate up. Besides working your legs and your inner thighs, and your glutes, it’s a good cardiovascular movement. And that is how you do a side by side plies with an inner thigh lift.

3. Skater Hops

OK so after you’re warmed up and you’ve stretched, we’re gonna go into some slimming exercises, some cardiovascular movements that will get your heart rate up and start slimming you down. So first we’re going to do skaters. What you’re going to do is you’re going to lean forward, keep your back flat and your core tight, and you’re gonna go back and forth. Just like in a skater movement. So you’re going to leap to the right, and as you leap you bring this foot behind you and this arm comes in front of you. Same thing happens on the other side. This arm comes in front of you, and this other leg comes behind. So you’re going to go back and forth, in like a skating movement. Keeping you back flat and your core tight. Back and forth. You don’t want to lean forward to much. You want to keep your back flat, your shoulders back, so that your back is not rounded. Back and forth. And what this is going to do is it’s going to get your heart rate up, you’re going to start sweating, like a cardiovascular movement. Do it for about thirty seconds, and you can do two or three sets of this. Back and forth. This is great for your legs, you’re going to start feeling it burn outside your legs, your butt. And your core is always tight. And that is how you do a skater.

4. Half-moon kicks

5. Butterfly

Another great stretch for your inner thighs is the butterfly stretch. So, you’re going to get down on the floor, bring both legs together, bring your feet together, just like this. You’re going to sit down into your hips. Keep your back straight, your shoulders back, core tight, and you’re going to drive your knees down into the floor. Alright.

So, you’re going to feel the stretch all through the hamstrings and even into the groin area. This is a great stretch. Make sure that you’re sitting up tall. You don’t want to slouch. You don’t want to sit into it. You want to make sure that you’re nice and tall and really open them up. Sometimes I even use my arms to kind of push my knees down even more to get an even deeper stretch. You’re going to hold it for about 20 to 25 seconds, and then release and then do it again.

This is a great stretch to do before doing any kind of leg workout, cardio. Do it before and after your workout. You want to make sure that this area is nice and stretched, especially the groin area. Very common area to pull a muscle in if you’re doing leg workouts or any kind of flexibility workout where you’re having a full range of motion with your legs. So, that is another great way to stretch the inner thighs, is the butterfly stretch.