5 DIY Photo Albums To Save Your Favorite Quotes And Memories

Digital Photo Album

Most people don’t feel the need for photo albums anymore, because they display their pictures in Facebook albums or Instagram stories. We love the digital, but adore the traditional. Bring them together with this smart photo album hack by Sea Lemon!

Flip Photo Album 

This photo album by Sugar & Cloth resembles a calendar and gives you the chance to always keep it on display. It’s a neat way of combining the idea of a photo album with the functionality of a photo frame. You can easily change which pictures are being displayed and so create a photo album that’s not static!

Photo Book Album 

If you want to create an album that is dedicated to one special event or person, this photo book idea is just the one for you! Its transportable size will make it very handy to bring with you anywhere you’d like, in contrast to the traditional big photo albums that are bound to the living room. See the tutorial at Happy Go Lucky.

Pull-Out Photo Album

Like a goofy toy, a photo album can have a surprise effect as well! This pull-out photo album by Fuji Film is definitely one-of-a-kind and will display your memories in a dynamic way that will always bring some giggles out of you!

Zig Zag Photo Album

If you want a really dynamic and unique photo album, this is the one! Sometimes we yearn for the modern and that’s okay! Give in to the yearnings and visit Troom Troom for the how-to! We can assure you that your photos will look like a work of art even more than they already do!