34 Awesome Hacks To Make Your Tiny House Seem Massive

Tiny house dreams are sweeping the net. Rightfully so – we all want to cut back on money, stuff, and responsibilities! Plus, there’s always the added fun of puzzling in clever solutions to space problems. It’s like building a ship in a bottle or decorating a dollhouse on a bigger scale. Tiny house fantasies are fun and if you already have one, you can indulge in that fun.

JC of livingino.com has curated a great list of tiny house hacks that will blow your mind.  The pictures alone are amazing and, if you don’t have a tiny house just yet, will inspire you in the home you have right now. What they’ve done with mirrored brick is fascinating. There’s also a nifty way to let the kids eat in the living room! Click the link below to see all 34 great ideas.