30 Short Haircuts for Women

Picking out any haircut can induce nervousness, insecurity, and indecision. Especially so when you’re about to lop it all off! How do you know what style is right for you? What if you end up looking like a man? These worries may not be justified, but they are certainly common. No one wants to go into the salon wishing to look like a fairy only to come out looking like Julius Caesar.

There isn’t any need to worry if you do the right research and consider the shape of your face. You can have that pixie cut if you choose the very certain type of pixie cut that matches your face shape. The same goes for bobs, perms, pageboys, etc.

YouQueen has made a nifty little way for you to make sure you get the best cut. Choose from six different face shapes and it will show you celebrities with your face shape in hair cuts that flatter them – and hair cuts that don’t. Visit the link below and click your face shape and choose a hairstyle that flatters you.