3 Step Glamorous DIY Headband

This headband DIY is created by  All the Good Girls Go to Heaven. If you want to check more similar project go to the website.


To start doing this awesome headband you should get these materials first.

Materials: Nora rhinestone banding (the one shown was purchased here), Zelda applique (here), a rhinestone button (here), two 12” strands of ribbon, glue, and scissors.


First step to start with, glue one end of your rhinestone chain to the end of one strand of ribbon.Repeat on the other end exactly the same way you did the first time.


Second step would be to glue the applique to one side of your headband. You’ll want it slightly off-center so it looks better and leave space for the button.


Step three is to glue your button to the center of the applique and fit it as better as possible so it can stick.


And you’re done after these three simple steps!