3-Step DIY Guide To Turning Galvanized Bins Into Planters

Digging, plowing, and tilling ground to plant your garden is a big job and hard work. Even if you rent a machine to help you turn the soil, you’ve got to transport and manhandle it around until the job is done. Another option is to use pots. Of course, planting in containers usually means you have very little space to work. Unless, of course, you’re using these particular planters.

Jessica Lane at 104homestead.com knows a lot about frugal living and homesteading. She shared this three step guide to using galvanized bins for planting your garden. It’s a surprisingly easy solution. The bins are large and resistant to rusting because they are made for animal feed. All you need to do is adapt them slightly for your plants. Start your garden the simple way when you click the link below.