17 Victorian Life Hacks That Are Just As Useful Today As They Were In 1880

Prepare to be amazed. Life hacks were not invented in this century. Even stranger, these hacks were part of a cigarette company’s publicity campaign. Their first instruction? “How to increase lung  power and capacity.” And no, it didn’t involve smoking. It’s actually useful advice.

Oscar Trondheim shared this collection of vintage tips at Viralthread.com. It’s amazing to see how these ideas are still valuable to us in the 21st century. I know I asked myself more than once, “Now why didn’t someone already teach me that?” Find out how to keep your glasses from fogging. Carry a pitcher without spilling the contents. Revive drooping flowers. Pick up broken glass safely. Separate stuck-together glass tumblers. And now, take a mental trip back in time when you click the link below.