16 Homemade shampoos

Ditching shampoo. SO weird, right? I was completely averse to this idea at first – just very happy with my commercial shampoo, conditioner, leave in conditioner, volumizer, hairspray, gel…. Whew.

I eventually did give it up though, and truly, I haven’t looked back. Except for one time when someone gave me an olive oil shampoo, and I didn’t read the ingredients closely. Yep, there were sulfates and all that garbage in the shampoo, and I ended up having an awful allergic reaction. My ears, face and neck broke out into a hot, itchy, swollen mess for several days, and I learned the hard way: no more shampoo for me, and READ THE STINKIN’ INGREDIENTS.

There are 16 shampoo recipes that you can read in this link to ditch your normal shampoo.