Your plain white t-shirt may be a wardrobe staple, but it is also boooooring. If you’re looking for something to pair with your new DIY jean shorts, try one of these easy t-shirt hacks. Then you can call yourself a designer for wearing an outfit you sort of designed. The best part is you don’t need the skills of a Project Runway contestant to do them. There’s minimal hand sewing involved. The hardest part is figuring out which top you want to beautify first.

Get your scissors and glue gun ready, here are 16 hacks to update your boring t-shirt:

1. Cutouts And Studs

Cutouts And Studs

While studs are cool, they aren’t exactly new, but studs and cutouts is something I haven’t seen before.

2. Bow Back

Bow Back

I never would have thought a t-shirt could be described as girly, but this bow-backed one is–and there’s no pink or sparkles in sight.

3. Bleach Galaxy Print

Bleach Galaxy Print

If you have ever accidentally spilled bleach on your favorite t-shirt, here’s a great hack that turns it from a mistake into a masterpiece–or at least something better than what it was.

4. Vintage Softness

Vintage Softness

Instead of buying a vintage t-shirt with nasty armpit stains, go buy a new, sweat-free one and soften it up.

5. Cutout Back

Cutout Back

Cutout t-shirts remind me of freshman week in college where everyone decides to be creatively slutty with their new school t-shirts. This hack shows that you can cut your t-shirt into a design that doesn’t guarantee nip slips.

6. Crystal Pocket

Crystal Pocket

Guys can have their pocket squares, we’ll take the embellished pockets.

7. Ruffled Neckline

Ruffled NecklineThere’s a bit of sewing involved here, but don’t let that put you off, look at how fab the results are. Plus, the hardest part will be threading the needle.

8. Slashed Back

Slashed BackThis slashed design is a great way to show off a cute bra in public. I say go for a purple one.

9. Tie-dye


No t-shirt hacks list would be complete without at least one tie-dyed DIY. Groovy baby.

10. Bleached Stripes

Bleached Stripes

If you don’t feel like going the hippie festival tie-dye route, these stripes are the preppy way to DIY with bleach.

11. Twist


Yes, you have to cut off the back before you twist it. Trying to do it when the t-shirt is intact won’t yield the same results. Trust me, I tried it.

12. Braided Fringe

Braided Fringe

If you are braid obsessed, why don’t you take your hair braiding skills and apply them to a t-shirt?

13. Dip Dye

Dip DyeNote: this tutorial is how to dye t-shirts only, it is not meant for ombré hair.

14. Cutout Neckline

Cutout Neckline

This t-shirt looks so cool that it doesn’t matter about the weird tan lines.

15. Bleach Bride


I’m not sure if this will be the next wedding dress trend, but it is a much better idea for bachelorette parties than a stupid pageant queen sash.

16. Bleach Design

Bleach Design

Slogan tees aren’t the only things you can create with a bleach pen. The design possibilities are endless. Just make sure you practice first.