16 Crazy Mailboxes That Take Getting The Mail To A Whole New Level

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Most of us have a standard issue mailbox sitting out in our yard, but I love seeing homeowners who take things up a notch with creative spins on their boxes.

All of the examples below can definitely fit into that category! Can you just imagine the look on a postal worker’s face when they see the giant animal surrounding the home’s mailbox in #4? Or how about some of the hilarious ways people have upcycled their old appliances?

The themes range from nerdy sci-fi to outdoorsy fisherman. They’ve all totally inspired me to let a little bit of my own personality shine through my mailbox, too.

Would you ever give your mailbox a unique upgrade like these? Have you already shown off your family’s creative side with an idea not listed below?


1. Manatee

manatee mailbox

What a cheerful greeting for the postal worker!

2. Microwaves

microwave mailboxes

You have to admit, this is definitely creative.

3. Mini-House Replica

mini-house mailbox

The details on the house are amazing, but I especially love the adorable flowers underneath.

4. Horse

horse mailbox

This silver steed is sure to protect any important parcels.

5. Cat Painting

cat painting mailbox

I have a feeling this is art imitating life when this gorgeous cat sees the mail person walk up.

6. Enterprise from Star Trek

star trek mailbox

Set phasers to stun when the mail carrier shows up on this route!

7. Octopus

octopus mailbox

I love the vibrant blue paint they used for this lanky sea creature.

8. Castle

castle mailbox

Fun fact: This is the actual mailbox of Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin!

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