15 Ways to Arrange Your Flowers Like a Professional Florist

Flowers are one of the most beautiful things nature has ever given us. They are so diverse, full of different colors and scents, growing in all parts of the world, each of them carrying a different symbolism. It’s not a secret that people are easily mesmerized by flowers and while there may be a general belief that flowers can only be bought on special occasions, we challenge this belief and say: let’s arrange our own flowers just because we can! Find some inspiration with these 15 DIY flower arrangements and beautify your interior!

1. Citrus Flower Arrangements

A citrus flower arrangement carries the message of freshness. You’ll learn at Hello Glow that adding your florals to a water infused with slices of lemon creates an arrangement that feels clean and pure. To emphasize that feeling even more, stick to florals in colors of white or beige!

2. Hydrangea Flower Arrangement

While some flower arrangements consist of a variety of different florals, there won’t be a need for that with Hydrangeas. They have the ability to stand out with their calming and gentle look, so you can truly make them the center of attention – just like A Practical Wedding did!

3. Fall Inspired Flower Arrangement

Seasonal flower arrangements are all the rage! They are the perfect way to welcome in a new season, live by its principles and celebrate its uniqueness. When fall comes back around, remember this flower arrangement by The Budget Savvy Bride!

4. Paper Bag Flower Arrangement

As people who eat, sleep and breathe DIY projects, we’re always on the chase for the next innovative idea! Pretty Prudent came up with a unique way to arrange your next bouquet of flowers! Switch the vase for something less predictable and use a paper bag instead!

5. Simple Peonies Arrangement

A simple arrangement goes a long way when you just want to spice up your dining table with some colorful florals. Peonies are such a lovely choice! They look both calming and vibrant at the same time. Style Me Pretty will show you how you can arrange them!

6. Spring Flower Arrangement

Here’s another seasonal arrangement of flowers, this one channeling the blooming season of spring! B-Loved selected florals in gentle colors that truly represent the nature’s time of slowly waking up from winter’s deep sleep!

7. Wide Vase Flower Arrangement

A wide vase offers an inspiring flower arrangement that can easily be used as a centerpiece for your dining table! Special occasion or not, Something Turquoise will teach you how to properly arrange flowers to make the arrangement look big and brimming!

8. Colorful Flower Arrangement

If you can’t get enough of colors, this incredible arrangement by Earnest Home will make your heart skip a beat! It has a diverse selection of flowers but the Tiger Lilies surely steal the show! Their striking orange color is the focal point of the whole bouquet!

9. Mesmerizing Orange Flower Arrangement

A unicolored arrangement doesn’t have to mean you only use one type of flower. eHowbeautifully demonstrates how a variety of flowers, especially when they’re within the same color range, can create a mesmerizing arrangement that you’ll always be happy to replicate!

10. Dutch Inspired Flower Arrangement

This dutch-inspired flower arrangement by Style Me Pretty plays around with cold color tones in combination with some very gentle warmer ones. It definitely radiates a strong and welcoming character, just like the Dutch themselves!

11. Kitchen Bowl Flower Arrangement

If you want to bring a special element into your kitchen interior, a simplistic flower arrangement is always a good idea! You don’t have to worry about finding a proper vase, as the secret to The Chic Site‘s arrangement is a basic kitchen bowl!

12. Pink & Yellow Flower Arrangement

Color contrasts are so compelling to work with! Experimenting to see which colors bring out the best in each other is a very creative experience! If you need some guidance, The Sweetest Occassion has the tutorial for a stunning pink & yellow flower arrangement!

13. Versatile Flower Arrangement

Sometimes you love flowers so much you want your flower arrangement to hold as many as possible! Maybe you’re thinking you couldn’t possibly coordinate all of them yourself, but luckily you can find an amazing how-to at Brit + Co!

14. Silk Flower Arrangement

Real flowers and artificial flowers have completely different personalities! If you are worried about arranging silk flowers, Afloral has a fantastic guide! The greatest thing about this arrangement is that you won’t need to redo it after a week!

15. Pumpkin Flower Arrangement

A pumpkin can be a great place to set your flower arrangement in, according to Garden Therapy! If you are going for a unique arrangement that will leave people speechless, this one totally fits the criteria! It’s big, buoyant and eye-catching!